March 28, 2023

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Tessa Wallaert feels she is being treated “unfairly” after her second-place Golden Boot finish

A telling symbol: Tessa Wallart responds briefly but powerfully to the new runner-up with the Golden Boot

There is no fourth Golden Shoe award for Tessa Wallart. Goalkeeper Nicky Everard on Wednesday walked away from last year’s Belgian Footballer of the Year award.

Vincent Van Genchten, Milan AugustinesSource: BELGA

The 29-year-old Woolart is the record holder with three Golden Boots. She won the first edition in 2016, 2018, and 2019. Janice Cayman, last year’s winner, has two (also 2017) on her shelf. In 2020, the Golden Boot went to Tine De Caigny and now the face of Belgian women’s football had to leave Niki Evrard behind. Again she was in second place, but unlike last year (one point) the difference was now huge: 331 points against 244 points.

Wullaert was not in Antwerp. It was last year and the born winner had to hide the disappointment during an interview. She’s now stuck with a (and brief) response on her Instagram page and that of her friend Matthias Deviogili.

“I have a feeling that the people who have to vote don’t realize the stats you provided,” said Woolart of Sporza. “Some were the best in the world, I can’t do better. I find that frustrating. It feels so unfair, like I don’t get a piece of the credit. If you put those stats up with guys, you win anyway. That emoji? That’s totally misunderstood.” This clown was mainly targeting the organization. When you see that they think they are interviewing a candidate, but she is actually her sister, you realize that it is still very unprofessional. It has also been the case for years that people are allowed to vote for this trophy who know very little about it “.

No message

Last summer, Evrard traded AA Gent for OH Leuven, the current leader in the Lotto Super League. As a goalkeeper for Belgian football, she co-wrote national sporting history in 2022. The red flame reached historic status in the quarter-finals of the European Championships, thanks in part to the 27-year-old Evard, who saved two penalties, among others. other. When asked if she had received many congratulations from her colleagues, Evrard said at a press conference, “I got a letter from several Red Flames congratulating me. Also from Tessa? No.”

Woollart won the double with Anderlecht (title and cup), was again crowned by a big street difference as top scorer (35 goals and 18 assists), and was the international champion with 17 goals and 12 assists with the red flame in the World Cup qualifiers. He was the captain of the European Championship. In the summer I moved to the Dutch Fortuna Sittard. There, Woolart has already scored seven goals and nine assists. Not good enough for a fourth Golden Boot, then, again.

“I’m not one to text quickly, but I will definitely congratulate her when we meet again in February in the national team,” said the Red Flames captain.

“This defeat is one of the biggest disappointments of my career,” Woolart said recently on Playsports’ “Kantine” about losing the 2022 Golden Boot. That I already won it three times? Yes, but she also lost three times. I still have room in my closet. This is just my personality, how I am. This got me to where I am now. I don’t think I should change my behavior or apologize for it. I always want to be the best and prove people wrong. This takes a lot of energy, but that’s what got me this far.”

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