November 27, 2022

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tested.  Can you still drift cars with electronic handbrake?  |  Mobility

tested. Can you still drift cars with electronic handbrake? | Mobility

MobilityDrifting is seen as the ultimate form of car control. However, many motorists go no further than slipping the handbrake on a sandy road. But is this still possible in cars with an electronic handbrake?

It is forbidden, of course, on public roads, but nearly everyone had a father, or if need be a crazy uncle, who was willing to show the slip of the handbrake after very insistence. Light steering, preferably on a sandy or wet surface, off the gas, clutch in and a short pull on the handbrake is usually for gentle maneuvering.

Electronic handbrake

It’s bad for the car, bad for the tires and potentially life threatening, but it’s fun. What actually happens if you try the same thing with an electric button? Instead there is a lever between the seats that locks the rear brake via a cable. To avoid attempting this potentially dangerous maneuver on your own, you should Check if this is possible.

In modern cars, sliding the handbrake is impossible

The handbrake is now electronic. However, something really happens when you wear it. However, on modern cars, the command to apply the rear brakes does not go directly to the brake hydraulics, but to the on-board computer. It interprets this as a request for immediate emergency braking and immediately begins doing so—just not in a brutal, abrupt enough manner to lock the rear wheels.

Drift mode as compensation

On the other hand, the braking intervention is smooth and effective. The ABS also intervenes when entering a soggy field or sandy track. The car comes to a stop quickly, but not fast enough to start a panoramic braking distance with the rear wheels locked. So there’s one thing you can’t do with an electronic handbrake, and that’s drift.

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Drifting on public roads is prohibited

This may be a good thing. Because what else will happen if you accidentally use the handbrake button? For example, when you want to open a convertible while driving, don’t you look too closely and hit the wrong button? Some cars – like the Audi RS3 and Kia EV6 GT You have what’s called a drift mode to compensate, so theoretically you can drift by pressing the accelerator pedal. This is also prohibited on public roads.

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