September 30, 2022

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Tested: This bluetooth speaker is recommended

Tested: This bluetooth speaker is recommended

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Huawei is famous for its smartphones: the Chinese company was on its way to becoming number one worldwide when it was suddenly no longer allowed to collaborate with Google in 2019. Now the company is fighting back – not only with smartphones but also with other gadgets like the Sound Joy speaker that It works with bluetooth.

a hit. Sound Joy can easily compete with experienced competitors in the same sector, such as UE Megaboom and JBL Flip. To start with, the Huawei Sound Joy sounds excellent: full sound thanks to the 20W center woofer, the 10W tweeter, and two passive emitters. The sound of high tones is clear, low tones are booming, and even at a higher volume level the sound is not distorted.

As for the speaker, Huawei is working together again with the French Devialet, known for its expensive Phantom speakers. It’s the second collaboration with Huawei, after the Sound X. Also this time there’s actual Devialet technology in the speaker – and that’s more than just a logo. The result is amazing: excellent sound for such a small package.

The speaker can be used both vertically and horizontally: the rubber feet ensure that the round speaker does not roll away. The sound is good either way, but in landscape mode it sounds more horizontal. The speaker lasts for a long time: up to 26 hours at an average volume level. There’s also a massive 8800mAh battery in the Sound Joy. Forgot to charge? With a 40W fast charger, you can increase your listening time for an hour in 10 minutes.

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The Sound Joy uses the new Bluetooth 5.2 technology. This is more economical – as evidenced by its longer battery life – but also more stable, can handle greater distances and higher sound quality. You can stand so far from the speaker that you can’t hear it, but still have a connection. Do you two have fun? Shake them together and they make a stereo pair. You can quickly pair another Android device with NFC: tap the speaker and the connection will be made.

The speaker is also IP67 water-resistant. This is now almost standard in this segment, but it remains nice and carefree. The megaphone lives to a depth of one meter in water for half an hour. So listening at the edge of the pool or on the beach isn’t a problem.

Huawei Sound Joy is available in green and black colours. Introductory price for Huawei Sound Joy 129 euros. Check Belsimpel for the current price.