July 25, 2024

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Thalhammer impact surviving on the coast: KV Oostende gives new coach a dream for the first time after beating ten-man KV Kortrijk

Thalhammer impact surviving on the coast: KV Oostende gives new coach a dream for the first time after beating ten-man KV Kortrijk

The coastal team has three more points and that’s already something. Nearly a full hour with another man, KV Oostende could not develop enough attack waves in the bunker against KV Kortrijk. No, this wasn’t a Blessin match yet, but Yellow and Green pulled their fifth season ashore, KV Kortrijk was waiting to win six league games.

Ambrose and Orhoughid, who had to take a break from coach Yves Vanderhay due to a bill of four yellow cards, were now at the start of the match. But both saw another coach on the sidelines. This derby was Dominic Thallamer’s debut. It is known that the Austrian will succeed Yves Vanderhey for the second consecutive season. Coincidentally, he and his new employer faced the same opponent at first as he had with his previous sponsor. Eleven months ago, he won 0-2 with Circle at Kortrijk. So the omens were favorable.

There is no Lamkel Zé in Kortrijk. The man from Cameroon was removed from the selection due to statements about his January move to Hungarian champion Ferencvaros. Vandendriessche, a former KVO and not in the picture with the Hungarians, was also missing. Mpio moved to the bank. Among the visitors, Bruno, Masoudi and Soleimani joined the team.

Kortrijk red fifth

It was a great start for the home team. Hornby sent a free kick across the wall, hit the skin in front of Elec for a moment and then fell nicely over the goal line. The Scot, who scored twice in Vanderheig’s farewell, immediately ran also for Thalhammer. But the good feeling quickly faded. On a pass from Keita, Bruno fired the equalizer against the ropes. However, Keita was not always wise. Two stupid treatments revealed his lack of control: double yellow and showering an hour earlier than expected. Thus Kortrijk consolidated his leading position in the red: five already!

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Photo: BELGA


However, KVO got out of the match story. A little half an hour ago, I heard cheers in favor of Yves Vanderhagje from the heart of the KVO’s spy chief. A little later, supporters mocked Gauthier Ganey, the young CEO. In order not to increase Ostend’s suffering, Masoudi pinned the ball through Phillips’ hand on the crossbar.

KV Oostende started the second half with a new card. It quickly paid off. McGeehan, a good follower, hit the post with a shot from Hornby into the net. After his habit in Cercle, Thalhammer made two substitutions an hour, followed by a third four minutes later. Kostovich also made some personal changes after that. Good for management and not for the image of the match. But suddenly it threatened visitors who kept increasing their holdings. Reference Smit believes that Catillaris stabbed Avenatti in the small rectangle. At the request of the VAR, he reviewed the photos and retracted his decision. No penalty. A little later, Watanabe didn’t get the best chance after Phillips. In the six minutes of overtime, McGeehan gave the visitors a blow in the neck.

Thalhammer impact surviving on the coast: KV Oostende gives new coach a dream for the first time after beating ten-man KV Kortrijk

Photo: BELGA

West Flemish Fear

Anyway, reality doesn’t look good with these two top-tier players in the Flemish West. Yes, their harvest is a little bigger than that of teammate Zulte Vargem, but three clubs are down this season. It could be… From the coast over Lys to Gaverbeek, people don’t dare think of such a horror scenario.

KV Ostend: Phillips, Capone (61′ Catillaris), Tange, Urhoghide, D’Haese (65′ Albany), Rocha Santos (89′ Osivo), McGeehan, Sakamoto, Bonin (61′ Atanga), Hornby, Ambrose.

KV Kortrijk: Ilek, Seche, Desoli, Radovanovic, Dehaene, Watanabe, Keita, Bruno (66 Mbayo), Masoudi (66 Henin), Avenatti, Soleimani (45 Tanaka).

Objectives: 7′ Hornby (free kick) 1-0, 19′ Bruno (Kita) 1-1, 54′ McGeehan (Hornby) 2-1, 96′ McGeehan (Ambrose) 3-1.

yellow cards: 12′ and 34′ Keita (foul), 42′ Radovanovic (protest), 71′ Tangi (hands), 83′ Hornby (unsporting behavior), 90′ Sakamoto.

red cards: 34′ Keita (2 yellow cards).

Rule: Wim named.

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