January 29, 2023

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The advent calendar Chanel costs 730 euros (but it mainly contains rubbish ...

The advent calendar Chanel costs 730 euros (but it mainly contains rubbish …

© Chanel

Chanel’s debut calendar “opening a box” videos are circulating on TikTok and this is causing a lot of buzz. The calendar costs no less than $825 (€730) but upon closer examination it turns out that it only has odds and ends.

If you don’t have €730 for this year’s Chanel Advent calendar, you can enjoy Elise Harmon’s TikTokster. She bought the calendar and made coverless videos for social media. This is different from what was expected. Harmon is initially pleased with the beautiful box – in the shape of the famous Perfume 5 bottle – but her mood changes quickly.

The box contains about 27 compartments, but the first door was not allowed to open until December 5. Once he arrived on December 9, Harmon already sensed some cheating. Behind the door was a sheet of Chanel stickers.

The box also turned out to contain plastic jewellery, sticky tattoos and a small canvas bag. “Ah yeah, you can keep your stickers in that,” Harmon laughed—in a little green. Soon, a few online investigators were able to discover that many items in the past had been abandoned with a purchase. Admittedly, the box also contained expensive lipstick, hand cream, and nail polish.

Harmon may not have been too happy with the box, but viewers loved her videos. It has been viewed more than 41 million times. Chanel was forced to take her TikTok account offline due to the uproar.

By the way, this was the first time that Chanel released a new calendar. Let’s see if they do it again next year.

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