July 21, 2024

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The allies again missed the mark in the “traitors”: “I gave everything, but it was not meant to be” |  television

The allies again missed the mark in the “traitors”: “I gave everything, but it was not meant to be” | television

televisionIn recent weeks, she’s turned out to be an audience favorite in “De Verraders,” but tonight the curtain fell on Astrid Coppins. Last week she made no secret of the fact that Walter was her main traitor and opened the frontal attack. Something broke her heart in episode five. After all, Astrid received a visit from Staf Coppens, who delivered the death sentence of traitors.

Astrid’s last words were “I gave it all, but it wasn’t allowed.” “I fought. Not for self-preservation, but to expose the traitor. It stirred up a lot of emotions and actually proved that I am a fighter. Life is very hard and I think that’s what you should do anyway: fight. It’s a dirty game and I have done my best to expose the traitors. Walter is still mine, but he has a lot of jumping dolls for him. I hope to be a good shepherd pushing the sheep in the right direction.”

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Tonight’s episode also featured the deal from one gig. Will the one-cart participants maintain their agreement not to vote for each other for a long time to come? Not if it depends on Jamie-Lee Six. She no longer wants to follow the herd in the future, but her fellow traitor Walter vehemently refuses. As a result, he did not leave her side for a moment. “I will never be the first to break a charter.”

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7 allies left

At the Round Table, a second victim in the episode was biologist Dirk Dorollans. Meanwhile, the eighth ally is leaving the game. He couldn’t escape banishment and won the majority vote after he attacked Ann Waters last week and mistakenly sent her home.

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After Astrid and Dirk leave, there are only seven allies left and the three traitors seem to be winning. So allies will urgently need to find a way to turn the tide.

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