July 25, 2024

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The American Patriots currently only travel to Ukraine

The American Patriots currently only travel to Ukraine

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For now, the US will only provide Ukraine with Patriot systems and other forms of air defense. The White House says Ukraine is a priority because of the war with Russia. So promised deliveries to other countries are put on the back burner. “Ukraine desperately needs these systems,” said American correspondent John Postma.

The American Patriots currently only travel to Ukraine

But with the decision, the reporter says, US President Biden hopes to encourage Ukraine’s other allies to provide new missile systems. Biden hopes allies will say, “Let’s give a Patriot system, too,” because the decision shows how big the deficit is in this advanced system.’

Ukraine has long asked for more air defenses to defend against Russian airstrikes. According to the White House, the US government has reassessed its air defense priorities and therefore made the “difficult decision” to provide only Ukraine for the time being.


Postma says the decision will affect the United Arab Emirates and South Korea anyway, as those countries still have pending orders with the United States. ‘You can assume it’s been discussed, these are the biggest buyers of American weapons. But ultimately they can’t do much about it. Biden says this, and then they can follow.’

Ukrainian President Zelensky visits a German military base where Ukrainian soldiers are learning to operate Patriot air defense systems. (ANP / SIPA Press France)

Ukraine can expect its next round of US missiles within weeks. The Biden administration is trying to shore up support ahead of the U.S. presidential elections in November, as a new political wind could blow through the U.S. after those elections.

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America first

“We know that the Trump faction of the Republican Party really wants to stop sending money and goods to Ukraine. They want America first and believe America is getting absorbed in an unwinnable war,” Postma said.

They see this decision by the Biden administration as support for that claim, Postma says. But, he adds, ‘at the same time we also know: there is still a majority in the US Congress in favor of Ukraine, so it is not the case that this will immediately cause problems.’