July 24, 2024

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The atmosphere is everywhere in Supernatural Ghostwire: Tokyo

The atmosphere is everywhere in Supernatural Ghostwire: Tokyo

The image of crisscrossing with big zebra crossings is probably the first thing that comes to mind as a foreigner when you think of Tokyo. Shibuya’s shopping district is the fashionable heart of the Japanese capital – and the dark game’s greatest asset Ghost Wire: Tokyo in your pocket. Empty ghost-filled streets provide a uniquely Japanese horror atmosphere, filled with local folklore and Shinto mysticism.

Shibuya residents suddenly disappear at the beginning Ghost Wire† The young hero Akito, who was saved from death by the angry old ghost K.K., discovers that an evil man, hiding behind a mask, has captured his sister. The man apparently has nefarious plans for the lives of the locals, but why?

Ghostwire keeps the story compressed. Akito and KK learn about each other and each other’s relatives as they rescue ghosts, fight demons, and clear the deadly fog that hangs over Shibuya by praying over altars. The characters never get strong, but they are cute. The decision to allow KK audio through both the TV and console speakers gives him a tangibly supernatural character.

Logically complex and unnecessary

Anyway, Tango Gameworks adds a lot with its roaring console, which taps your fingers with the rain. The atmosphere is all around, whether you’re being chased by faceless passengers in a mall or searching for the tail of a Japanese raccoon dog disguised as a pay phone.

Elsewhere, this game never rises above average. The combat system is unnecessarily cumbersome and complex, with item-based magic spells and a bow and spells with various functions that you rarely use. You usually keep shooting and winding down the enemy until they fall. The missions besides the story have very little embellishment. Often it is just a nameless ghost who wants you to find or follow something for him. This beautiful game world deserves more than this superficiality.

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