February 8, 2023

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The “awakened” candy has been removed from the commercials

In the commercials, the different colors of M&Ms show her “personality”. That’s it Manufacturer website To read that orange M&M leaves the door in a panic, blue is always happy and yellow loves scary stories. They also differ in appearance: brown M&M wears glasses and heels, green has long eyelashes and wears sneakers, and blue wears flip-flops.

When Mars, the producer of M&M’s, recently announced that it would begin selling women’s M&M bags, there was a lot of buzz. The bag only contains green, brown, and—as a new color—purple M&Ms. Purple M&M is introduced as a singer with a quirky personality. The packaging of the new bags shows the three M&Ms bags upside down with the text “Supporting women who are upending the status quo.”

However, not everyone can laugh at the new characters and their personalities. A part of conservative America sees what they see as “awakened” developments with regret. Including the well-known TV presenter Tucker Carlson He covered it on his show on Fox News.

For example, a green and brown M&M was held in an advertisement. “M&M may be getting her shoes back, but apparently she’s a lesbian now,” Carlson said on Fox News. “And a purple M&M is obese.”

Another conservative commentator, Nick Adams, demanded a formal apology from Mars. Adams also wants a male package. “Mergers and these feminists are a slap in the face to men everywhere.”

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“The goal is to bring people together.”

Criticism from conservative quarters is not without consequences. M&M said in a statement that it did not expect the numbers to polarize in this way. “It was the last thing we wanted, because our goal is to bring people together. We didn’t even think the changes would be noticeable. That’s why we decided to put an end to it until further notice.”

In the new advertising campaigns, the animated confectionery has been replaced by American comedian and actress Maya Rudolph.