May 26, 2022

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'The Batman' audience in the US was shocked by the real wow in theaters

‘The Batman’ audience in the US was shocked by the real wow in theaters

Batman fans from Austin, Texas were startled by a bat this weekend. During the new screening BatmanThe film, with Robert Pattinson, released a real bat in a fan room. Eventually, the staff took him out of the animal room.

Movie fans Are currently enjoying release from around the world Batman. However, many American fans shocked their lives during a screening. In Austin, Texas, a real bat flew into the hall.


The most talked about film since last week Batman Seen in theaters around the world. Director Matt Reeves’ film has already received a lot of positive reviews since its first days, and a lot of media are already comparing it. The Dark Guard, From Director Christopher Nolan. Cast in the new version Robert Pattinson For the first time in the role of Bruce Wayne, he immediately got a lot of plates on his back. According to many reviews, the British actor portrays the character’s darkness and depression perfectly.

That darkness was shown on one of the shows Batman In Austin, Texas, when the spectator decides to drop a bat like a life on the field. A Twitter user has shared a video showing a bat flying around the cinema.

Another visitor, who was in the same room, shared below several pictures of the cinema staff trying to pull the animals out. I was able to hear how the woman gave information to the public. “We are going to turn off all the lights. If you’re not comfortable sitting in a dark room with a bat, you should leave right away. “Talking about the 4D experience

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