December 5, 2023

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Halo Infinite, Xbox Series X, Battle Pass

The Battle Pass Halo Infinite costs a tenner and can be redeemed at any time

343 Industries has released some additional information about the Halo Infinite Battle Pass, including the price and what players can expect.

despite the existence of any information About the Battle Pass from Halo Infinite and we know, among other things, that it never ends and that the first one will appear at the launch of the game, 343 Industries has now also told us what we will have to pay for.

in conversation with IGN The developer reported that the pass will cost ten times more and won’t include loot boxes, so players always know what to expect. In addition, it is repeated that the Battle Pass will never expire, but you can only activate it once. However, you can always select which Battle Pass you want to activate yourself.

Each Quarter of a Battle Pass will contain ‘Legendary Cosmetics’ which will either be linked to the game’s ‘Law’ or a customization item with special attributes or effects. The first battle card will be based on Halo Reach and will be called “Heroes of Reach”. It will contain armor with customization options from Halo Reach. By the way, don’t expect “uncharacteristic emotions” in any of the Battle Pass, as you know from other games that bring that via the Battle Pass.

Players can also unlock customization options by playing single player or completing weekly challenges. In addition, various events will also have to provide more options and these events will have their own free pass. This card will be available for a limited time and will bring many rewards. Anyway, it feels very similar to what Warzone sometimes does with its limited-time events.

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How that works is that for each event you get a special playlist and a new reward track. That’s 2 weeks for an event and a week for a break, but the break comes back every month and saves your progress. 343 said it will track progress through events and may take more test flights to see what players respond to in terms of rewards and progression.

Speaking of the breaking event, this recurring event is where the most unique cosmetics, such as Yoroi samurai armor, will come into play. This event allows the player in a multiplayer game to look less traditional and have a bit of fun because they are not actually playing as a boss. However, the armor will still make some sense for the Halo universe, so don’t expect super crazy outfits.

According to 343, the Battle Pass system is “just a small part of the overall ecosystem for one season,” and the plan is to take the Battle Pass structure and combine it with the event structure. The goal is for players to feel rewarded every time they participate in an activity and for the Battle Pass to be ‘above all’.