March 29, 2023

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The Belgian Lions skillfully rallied the Poles on their way to the 3x3 World Cup semi-finals |  Basketball World Cup 3x3

The Belgian Lions skillfully rallied the Poles on their way to the 3×3 World Cup semi-finals | Basketball World Cup 3×3

They knew that three seconds before the bell, arms outstretched, the Belgian lions walked toward the frenzied fans of the Groenplaats.

Again, Siles & Co. Great performance. However, after a crushing start by the Poles with two riflemen, they were forced to chase. A minute later it was already 5-2.

Vervoort was always a good welcome, so he wasn’t able to attack at first. The Lions had to hold on to tough single throws, while the Poles kept scoring two-pointers.

Before halfway through, Vervoort found some holes he could tap into. Drawn with the Belgians, Siles took the lead. And they haven’t given up on her anymore.

Because once in a wave of success, the Belgian Lions were unstoppable. The powerful Depuydt created an irreparable gap. The Poles tried to straighten their backs, but Belgium remained very strong: both in defense and in attack.

Achieving the final day of the World Cup at home is something to frame anyway. They belong in the top four in the world, but with this look, Belgian Lions can certainly dream up more. In the semi-finals, Latvian killers are waiting for Serbia, tomorrow at 6.10 pm.

Verfort hones his ambitions: “We are heading for the medal. We showed that we are a team. It was a strange and difficult match, but we showed that we can win.”

“It’s unbelievable that everyone was on site despite the rain. They guided us through it. We can talk about 4 winners, but we can definitely engage the audience as well.”

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“We saw that the Poles, who played a game this morning, were tired. The fans also gave them extra energy, so we shouldn’t underestimate them.”

“Everyone was great. Sure, Dipoid, he has dangerous balls, if I may say so. He showed that he’s here for a reason.”