July 22, 2024

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The Belgian mixed relay team is sniffing for gold at the European Championships, but was left empty-handed

The Belgian mixed relay team is sniffing for gold at the European Championships, but was left empty-handed

No first medal for Belgium on the opening day of the European Athletics Championships in Rome. However, the 4×400 meters mixed relay team was up for medals, because finalist Helena Bonnet was the first to enter the final straight. She collapsed and was eventually overtaken by Dutch wind bunny Femke Bull, who surged to bronze from a losing position.

There is no Cynthia Bolingo in the Belgian quartet, although she previously announced that she would focus on relay races at this European Championships. Did the injury-prone Bolingos not feel good enough or will they put it all on the Cheetahs’ shoulders?

Jonathan Sackur was allowed to open the discussions for the Belgians and did an excellent job. He was the first to pass the baton to Naomi van den Broek. She had a tough time at the start, but organized her race and was able to catch the weakened Leaky Claver at the end.

With a cannon start, Alexander Dom immediately surged into the lead, never to relinquish it again. Helena Bonnet now had to finish it off and fend off the Irish who were sitting on it well.

But there is still something left in the competition for the final stage. Bronze then? This also escaped Belgium’s hands. Out of nowhere, Femke Paul shot past. With 3’11’03, the Belgian quartet set a national record.


European Championship 2024: June 7 (evening session)

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The 5000m final brings the curtain down on the first day of the European Athletics Championships in Rome. In the 4×400 meter mixed relay, Belgium narrowly missed out on the bronze medal despite holding a national record.

Lying in the heptagon Nafie Thiam And Nour Videts After four parts, he’s on his way to gold and silver. Meryl Mays He failed to qualify for the high jump final.

Italy was allowed to celebrate twice tonight. Antonella Palmisano won the gold medal in the 20 km race walk, and Nadia Battocleti won the European title in the 5000 m race.

The Netherlands also achieved success by winning a bronze medal in the 4×400 meter mixed relay. In the shot put there was again a gold for Jessica Schilder and a silver for Van Klinken. In the discus, world record holder Mikolas Alekna surprisingly placed third, with the gold medal going to Christian Seah.

Patocleti wins the gold medal in the 5000 meters race

Patocleti makes the home team fans cheer

Nadia Pattocleti makes the difference on the final straight. She beat Grøvdal and won in a time of 14’35’29, a championship record, with Maureen Koster missing out on bronze for the Netherlands, while Spain’s Garcia came in third at the last minute.

With just over a kilometer remaining, they have five candidates remaining for three medals. Grøvdal continues to pull away the lead. Will the Norwegian soon pay the price for this?

It would be impressive if Grovdal could also end it this way.

Ellen Burns

Leading separatist group

Grøvdal gradually narrows the pool of participants. Just over the halfway point there is still a leading group of 8 athletes remaining.

Grøvdal sets the pace in this final. We have to wait for the match to start.

5000 meters as a result

Athletes in the 5,000 meter race could achieve a feat today. Defending champion Constanze Kloosterhalfen is not one of them, as the German only runs 10,000 meters in Rome.

33-year-old Norwegian Caroline Berkele Grovdal looks to have good cards for gold, but we’ll also be looking forward to the performance of 19-year-old Latvian talent Ajit Kaun.

Belgium finished fourth in the mixed relay

The painter does it again!

Her first throw was immediately correct to Jessica Schilder. With a distance of 18.77 metres, she won the European shot put title, just as she had done two years earlier in Munich. Jorinde van Klinken completes the Dutch party in silver. Bronze goes to Germany’s Ogunleye.

We’ll never know, but with Bolingo there you might get a different story.

David Naert

Punnett is in the lead, followed by Ireland and Italy. Paul is already far away, and he won’t be golden for Holland.

Belgium is in the lead in the final round!

Death unleashes his demons and goes resolutely for the head. Puneet has a chance to start the final round as leader, but the differences are small.

Vanden Broek is having a hard time. She dropped to fourth place but moved up to third place in the final metre. Now it’s up to Alexander Dohm.

Belgium is in the lead

Jonathan Sackur takes the lead for the Belgians. He is performing excellently and is the first to pass the baton to Naomi Vanden Broeck by a wide margin.

We definitely have a chance to win a medal here. The only question is: what color?

Ellen Burns