June 5, 2023

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The Belgian-Ukrainian tennis star suffers a panic attack from the ultimatum: ‘I couldn’t stop crying’ | Tennis

Marina Zaniewska’s strange experience. The Belgian-Ukrainian tennis star suffered a panic attack at a tournament in Saint-Malo because of the siren. The voice reminded her of the war in her home country: “I was drenched, and my heart rate soared to 200.”

The war in Ukraine left its mark on Marina Zanievska.

At the end of last season, the tennis star actually shared an emotional post in which she described herself as being “stressed and anxious” about the situation in her home country.

In a totally unexpected moment, Zanevska had a hard time again on Wednesday.

In the first set of the duel against American Katie Volynets at the WTA tournament in Saint-Malo, the sirens of the French port city – a monthly test – suddenly sounded.

“It lasted about 20 seconds, but to me it felt a lot longer,” Zanievska wrote in an Instagram post.

The tennis court is usually where I forget my fears, but this time it hit me hard.

Marina Zaniewska

“I started crying so loudly and I couldn’t stop. I had never been to Ukraine since February 24 (the beginning of the war, ed.) and I hadn’t come across any sirens, but the sound stirred me up. My heart rate went up to 200, I was overwhelmed.”

“Usually the tennis court is where I forget my fears, but this time it hit me hard.”

Then Zaniewska lost two sets and was eliminated.