March 29, 2023

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The best Guitar Hero player turned out to be a cheat

The best Guitar Hero player turned out to be a cheat

It’s about a man who calls himself.olfactory‘ calls. He has been known for years as the best guitar hero ever and the skills he has demonstrated are absolute world class. He’s also a really accomplished player, as he’s shown a lot during live events and tournaments in the past. You can’t simply cheat there and no one from the community doubts Schmooey’s skills.

Especially since all the Corona bullshit, he started making a lot of homemade videos, playing the hardest songs without mistakes and also faster than the rest of the community. He received a lot of praise for this, but there were a few community members who doubted whether it was possible for a human to hit so many right attacks in a row.

Long story short, after the community watched a bunch of videos frame by frame, it turns out Schmooey got it wrong. His attacks do not match what appears on the screen! Schmooey has now also admitted and all of his records have been removed from the world rankings. If you have nothing to do for half an hour, you should definitely watch the video below where everything is explained in great detail, great nonsense!

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