February 1, 2023

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The Brabant Museum may contain world news with a dino fetus

Noel Van Hooft

with participation

Brabant broadcast

NOS News

The Oertijdmuseum in Boxtel may have a very rare item in its collection: a fossilized dinosaur embryo. The museum has scanned dinosaur eggs at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital in Den Bosch in the hope of finding embryos. One egg showed fossilized pieces. Martin de Rijke, curator of the museum, posits a fetus.

vs Brabant broadcast De Rijke talks about “world news”, because there are not yet ten such fetuses on Earth. The seventy-million-year-old egg will be transported to Switzerland, where it will be examined with better equipment.

This time there were no patients on the CT scan at Jeroen Bosch Hospital, but dinosaur eggs:

This is what a dinosaur embryo looked like

Something was also found in two other eggs, but indications that it related to the embryo are not as clear as with the first egg, De Rijk says. He says he spent five years getting the papers for the egg scans at the hospital.

The museum wants to use the embryos to see how the dinosaur developed in the egg. “We want to prove that the eggs contain embryos or embryonic bones. This will allow us to get a better picture of dinosaur development in the egg. Not much is known about this yet.”

The Oertijdmuseum has a total of 182 eggs in its collection, originating from France, Spain and Mongolia. Some of them were selected for research.