February 8, 2023

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The British press criticized the Netflix documentary about Harry and Meghan: “Would you like to watch a marathon of complaining? You will need a vomit bag ”

The British press criticized the Netflix documentary about Harry and Meghan: “Would you like to watch a marathon of complaining? You will need a vomit bag ”


It should come as no surprise that the British press writes so rudely about Harry and Meghan’s docuseries. The tabloids in particular have long had a special focus on the royal couple. It is not surprising that the content is mainly negative. Example? “Want to watch a moaning marathon? Then make sure you have a vomit bag on hand.”

Jesse Van Renmortel

Journalist and presenter Piers Morgan asks in the British newspaper The Sun: “Who are the biggest victims in the world now?” You might think that these are the poor of Ukraine. Or those whose lives were shattered by the Corona pandemic. Or the millions who must fight poverty in today’s devastating crisis. But no, the world’s biggest victims are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, two incredibly wealthy and privileged narcissists. If you don’t believe me, ask them yourself. Or better yet, force yourself to watch a complaining marathon on Netflix. You will need a vomit bag.”

Hobla. The tone has been set. The British press can’t get enough of the royal family anyway. The tabloids have always been very blunt about prince couple Harry and Meghan. Now that the first three episodes of their Netflix documentary series — in which they give their share of that royal family, which reportedly nets them $100 million — are out, they’re letting all their demons loose.

“Prince Harry has become what he says he hates,” Paul Baldwin wrote in the Daily Express. He has devoted much of his adult life to attacking journalism. He has always claimed that the boilers distort the truth. Now, with the compliments of his new friends at Netflix, and a check for £88m (€100m) of course, he’s become a master at playing with and distorting the truth.”

A terrible irony

The Mirror fills its homepage with a long series of articles about the couple. The headlines read “Prince William furious over Diana video in Netflix series” and “Six claims by Harry and Meghan that are now proven to be completely false”. The Daily Mail headlines: “Palace fury against Meagflex” and “Harry and Meghan attack ‘racist’ Britain.” The Times writes that British royals can rest easy. “It’s all the media’s fault.” The Independent builds on this theme. According to Sean O’Grady, There is a “terrible irony at the heart of the documentary.” “If Harry and Meghan want to live private lives, they shouldn’t be making multimillion-dollar deals with Netflix based on their fame and celebrity status.”

There is a different voice at The Guardian. “All those tabloids that burned the royal couple to make a Netflix series are using the same documentary to lure in readers,” Jim Waterson wrote. There is also heavy criticism of the British press and the way Harry and Meghan are treated from the political angle. Labor MP Chris Bryant said in a speech that British tabloids were filling their columns with “hateful Meghan Markle material”. “It’s the richest pool of click shows,” he said. Which is why so many British opinion writers spout so much nonsense about the couple. Not because the story matters. Not that they really care. Because it makes them money.”

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