December 9, 2022

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Brussels Gewest verleent bouwvergunning voor de make-over van de Adolphe Maxlaan

The Brussels Region grants a building permit to renovate Adolphe Maxlaan

A lot is moving in the Pentagon, the center of our capital. The creation of the pedestrian zone between Place Fontainas and Place De Brouckre has been the subject of public debate for years. Now that this part of the central roads has been completely completed, it is used by thousands of Brussels residents and visitors every day and the pedestrian zone is gaining in popularity, as the newest VUB . study in. The project has been the catalyst for many other renovation projects from public spaces to downtown construction projects.

The Brussels District has now granted a building permit to the City of Brussels to completely rebuild the Adolphe Maxlaan, which connects De Brouchreplein with Rogierplein and the surrounding streets. The layout of the pedestrian area continues in the design.

The construction of the pedestrian zone was a milestone in the transformation of Brussels into a city of people. We must not let these positive dynamics stop now. The City of Brussels and the Brussels Region are doing well together on many public space and building renovation projects in the city centre. The new Adolphe Maxlaan is an excellent example of this. The new road will visually connect the pedestrian zone with Noordwijk, another strategic area that we are fully upgrading, says Minister of State for Urban Planning in Brussels, Pascal Smit.

Now that the permit has been obtained, the renovation of the Adolphe Maxlaan can begin soon. After work you can enjoy a pleasant stroll in new and uninterrupted spaces from Fontainasplein to Adolphe Maxlaan. Mayor of Brussels, Philippe Claus, adds, as we continue to renovate the city center with many other projects.

The renovation of the Adolphe Maxlaan is an important next step in the regeneration of downtown Brussels. The urban planning services of the City of Brussels and the Brussels Region work closely together on projects to renovate public spaces and the built environment.

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The redevelopment of central roads was undoubtedly an important catalyst for this. Since this radical cut, several other regeneration projects of streets and squares have been launched, such as the construction of separate bike paths along the Inner Ring Road, the redevelopment of the Kolenmarkt and Olivetenhof, the redevelopment of Sint-Katelijnestraat and the area around the new Brucity building, and the redevelopment of Stalingradlaan, once works are complete In metro 3 there. Many buildings have also been completely renovated or are being renovated. Just think of the iconic Beursgebouw, the Multitower in De Brouckreplein and the Theater Variet. The latter is located on the Mechelsestraat. One of the small streets in the area that will be redeveloped from front to front along with Adolphe Max Street. In addition to the Mechelsestraat, there is also Bridal Street, Finisterstraat, Newburg and St Peterstraat.

Ans Persoons (, local council member responsible for urban planning and public space:
Adolphe Maxlaan definitely needs a makeover. Not only does the excess space allotted by the current construction for cars look old, the trees in containers are also another century old. Then trees were a decorative element, and today they are an essential part of any redevelopment in the fight against global warming. By reducing the space for motorized traffic, it became possible to develop a qualitative landscape project. We offer a variety of green forms: standard and multi-stemmed trees, perennials, ornamental grasses and flower bulbs. The road will look different every season. We hope that the project will give a new impetus to local commerce and that the people of Brussels will rediscover this prestigious street and its wonderful heritage.

The history of the Adolphe Maxlaan as we know it today dates back to 1976. The street was constructed with plenty of traffic and parking spaces, with pedestrians pushed back onto narrow sidewalks.
With this redevelopment, Adolphe Maxlaan will regain its former glory. The avenue will be built on one level from facade to facade. The street furniture style will continue in the pedestrian area, such as street lighting and bicycle items. Vehicle space has been reduced, and there are many new trees and wide footpaths in Bluestone. The road will thus become an important link in the soft connection between the north and south of the city.

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