November 29, 2023

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The café boss goes to the police after intimidation about Corona Corridor: ...

The café boss goes to the police after intimidation about Corona Corridor: …

Aura flying: Director Dean Engel is shocked by the online hate campaign. © ATV


“I can’t ignore this and will file a complaint against the people who have called for a boycott of my coffee shop,” says Linda Van Hempek. Café manager Den Engel in Grote Markt does not accept people asking not to visit her café anymore because they have to show their Covid Safe ticket.

Source: ATV

An online call to boycott the coffee shop has been launched from now on. “The border has been crossed with this. Everyone knows they are required to show a Covid Safe Ticket when entering the café. This is a government measure we have to comply with. If people then call in front of the café to boycott us and vocalize their dissatisfaction with the procedure, that’s a bridge too far. For me,” Linda says.

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Meanwhile, the manager says she knows who he is. One of the people who had called for a boycott had already expressed loudly and unwillingly his dissatisfaction with the measures. His doing it on the balcony of my coffee shop is not very pleasant and dissuads other customers. Especially since many of them are a little older and want to enjoy their drink in peace.”

“This has to stop.”

Linda Van Hempek will file a complaint with the police on Monday. “I don’t know how it will go. All I ask is that the smear campaign against my coffee shop stops. Primarily for me, but also for my colleagues. Because I imagine I am not the only coffee shop owner facing such threats. If people choose not to vaccinate, it is Their right. But then they have to realize that they are temporarily unable to do some things. And refusing a vaccine in no way gives them the right to intimidate people like me who stick to the rules.”

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Linda also understands people who cannot enter because of this measure: “I bought a big basket with warm wool blankets specially for this. So they can eat on the balcony. Taking someone’s livelihood is unheard of.”