December 8, 2023

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The candidate appears to be suffocating in the American movie The Masked Singer and stops performing: "Someone has to go there" |  television

The candidate appears to be suffocating in the American movie The Masked Singer and stops performing: “Someone has to go there” | television

televisionThe new season of The Masked Singer in America kicked off this week with a scare when a contestant had to abort her performance after half a minute. The Firefly character started to cough hard and could not continue to sing, which shocked the guessing board. “She’s suffocating,” Ken Jeong shouted, after which the participant received medical help from behind the scenes.

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Firefly suddenly started coughing and Jenny McCarthy was shocked. © Twitter MaskedSingerFOX

“The Masked Singer” is a worldwide hit and features celebrities in disguise who are not usually known to sing. On the well-known board guess who is hiding behind the costumes. Nearly four million viewers saw Firefly enter season seven in America earlier this week.

Judge Jenny McCarthy filmed her getting goosebumps from Chaka Khan’s translation of “Nobody” when the woman in the suit appeared to suffocate and cough. She stopped performing and slapped herself on her chest, but she continued to cough.

“Somebody should help her!” McCarthy shouted, stunned. “Someone has to go there,” said colleague Robin Thicke. She’s suffocating, we need medical help now,” said Ken Jeong, walking on the stage.

The unknown vocalist, who kept a mask in front of the cameras, received medical help behind the scenes. Although it wasn’t clear what exactly was wrong with her, she did return to the stage after a commercial break and sang her song after all. A number of judges jumped on their desks and gave her a warm welcome.

“To go behind the scenes, put yourself together really fast and then put in the best performance of the night…I think it’s going to be hard for her to stop all season,” said Robin Thicke. The character eventually moved on and was never revealed.

Firefly in the masked singer.

Firefly in the masked singer. © YouTube The Masked Singer

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