February 6, 2023

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The chaotic chess game between Ajax Women and PSV ends without goals

The chaotic chess game between Ajax Women and PSV ends without goals

Amsterdam’s sports complex filled up quickly on Sunday morning. Under spring-like conditions, young girls from the age of 8 to 10 were able to participate in the talent days of ABN AMRO. This did not fall on deaf ears.

From 12:15pm, the focus was on the first match between the Ajax Women and PSV at the Pure Energie Eredivisie Women. The visitors from Eindhoven have already lost to Ajax twice this season, but have refused to throw in the towel beforehand. PSV started superbly, but the Ajax players collected themselves well under pressure.

After fifteen minutes of football, it’s clear that Schinkel’s team has taken matters into their own hands. PSV were pushed back, but Ajax didn’t come up with many life-size opportunities in that time. Often the attack fails before the shot can be fired.

The first significant moment came as Jonna van de Velde. The left-back was sent by Victoria Belova. Van Veenendaal saved a diagonal shot for the wing defender. With her fingertips she can push the ball next to the shaft.

highly impressionable
The danger from Eindhoven came mainly from the right side. Precisely because Van de Velde regularly picked depth, PSV Eindhoven searched for space behind the left-back. The biggest chance in the first half came from Batywell, who had to walk into the space behind the defender’s wing from Ajax.

In the opposite blow, the Eindhoven striker was sent deep by Progts and Van de Velde had to chase. The twenty-year-old Ajax player was too late to stop Batywell. To her delight, she saw how the Eindhoven striker’s effort was too weak to defeat Regina van Eyck.

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In the first 45 minutes, the match basically remained a chess match between the two teams. Chances arise from switch points or individual mistakes.

PSV Eindhoven could have scored 0-1 earlier after Belova’s odd defence. The Ajax midfielder wanted to shoot a ball outside the penalty area, but he hit the game completely wrong. With that it gave Waldose a perfect cross. Shot the ball into the goal in one go. Van Eyck managed to touch the ball under the crossbar with a great reaction.

Also in the second half there was no fun football. Visually, Ajax had the upper hand, but since PSV had the regulation in order, chances were scarce. Visitors barely crossed the halfway line. The counters they could still embarrass Ajax with in the first half, were without a trace in the second half.

In the final stage of the match at the De Tocumst Sports Complex, Chasity Grant was still close to 1-0. After a rejected corner kick, the Ajax winger got the ball at her feet. She withdrew about ten meters from the goal, but hit the post from the inside.

With the Ajax Women’s team still chasing the opening goal, there were also spaces for PSV Eindhoven in the back. Once again it was Battiwail who caused the greatest danger. After van Eyck ran away from her goal, the Eindhoven striker tried to pass the ball over her. She succeeded in her goal, but she saw her attempt go sideways.

title race
Due to the goalless draw, Ajax lost valuable points in the title race with FC Twente for Women. Both teams collected 42 points in the women’s Eredivisie from Pure Energy, but the Ajax players needed another game for it.

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On Easter Monday (April 18), the women’s team Ajax and PSV Eindhoven meet again. The stage then is the KNVB Cup Final.

Women’s Ajax – PSV 0-0 (0-0)

Ajax women: Van Eijk, Van der Most, De Sanders, Dorn, Van de Velde, Spetsey, Nordam (86. Hoekstra), Belova, Grant, Leuchter, Bakker