December 8, 2022

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“The club is now a hero in my eyes”: Deniz Ondev throws the towel and bitter tears at the Al-Ittihad players |  Jupiler Pro League

“The club is now a hero in my eyes”: Deniz Ondev throws the towel and bitter tears at the Al-Ittihad players | Jupiler Pro League

Jupiler Pro LeagueAmple opportunities, but goals? not that. The once-swinging union – the team with the most goals in the regular competition – can no longer find the net. Then Dante Vanzer and Deniz Ondev were looked at.

Win or lose, Phyllis Matsu sticks to his system, largely to his team, but especially to his attacking duo. Don’t blame him. Together, 39 goals and 23 assists in the competition are Deniz Ondev and Dante Vanzer. They don’t come dead anymore, even if they’ve been dry for a couple of matches “already”. “Efficiency is just something. It’s hard to train for that. You have to give the players confidence,” the coach said beforehand.

Matsuo had cleverly positioned his pawns. Vanzer was constantly running in the Michel area, while the much faster Mata had to deal with Undav on the right. In the first half, Klopp managed to silence the duo, but in all cases Lee Lazar was able to take advantage of the space that his two attackers ran together. This also has an added value for your team, those meters without the ball. However, the Ivorian midfielder did not score.

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And even if you keep these two out of the game, they somehow put the ball in the realm of truth. After five minutes already Vanzer but he missed the ball. Stress? Uncertain? She also played some tricks on Limburger last Sunday, anyway. Even when goalkeeper Maurice fired the quick striker and Mignolet unwisely exited, he threw meters above her. Undav had a shot between the rolls before the break, but Mignolet kept his legs closed. Efficiency is a keyword in the full title search.

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Vanzer crept into the role of the announcer after the break, but Lazar again did not pass Mignolet, who needed the luck needed for this. And when he was allowed to shoot at goal from the back of Brugge’s defence, he choked on his dribbling. No, Vanzer would have put one in the basket before he was stopped.


Matsu’s substitution after 70 minutes highlights it all: Vanzer’s exit, Puertas’ entry. cramps. The biggest chance was still for Undav, but as if the gods were involved, he turned away. “If you don’t score yourself, you’ll get one,” said the German after the whistle. “It’s not that the club is a bad team. Brugge is Brugge. When you get chances like that, you just have to score. Easy. I’m responsible for some of those chances, and I take them on my own. It’s not that their goalkeeper has done miracles, we just didn’t shoot.” Between the columns. I would have preferred to score a lot now rather than at the start of the season.”

“We lack competence in these qualifications,” Vanzer adds. “We created a lot of chances all season and scored a lot of goals, but we just lacked efficiency. We haven’t had the luck of the champions on our side in recent games.”

A killer duo in regular competition lacks confidence. We’ve seen it in Bosuil and in Duden Park, we’ve seen it again in Bruges. Union loses title over efficiency, Undav knows. “To be honest, I feel really ‘shit’. In my opinion, the club is the champion, and they’re not going to lose both games. Congratulations to them. The whole dressing room is really excited now. Because of those two games, the season ended abruptly.”

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Other reactions from the losing camp:

Phyllis Mazo: “I am proud of our boys and I told them they should be proud of themselves and that we were better than the current champion today.”

“It’s not over yet. It’s clear that Brugge has the best cards. It’s important now to raise morale and not let heads hang. We now have two important games left and we will do everything we can to win them.”

“Obviously this is a huge disappointment for everyone. Once again we showed enough to score points, but we are again empty-handed.”

Christian Burgess: “The small details made the difference again today. It was a beautiful fight. But if you want to become champions, you have to beat the current champions and we couldn’t do that this season.”

“I thought we could hold on with a ten, but then we conceded an unfortunate goal. We also have chances for a draw. We had our chances in those two games and we didn’t take advantage of them. Not only were the strikers, but we collectively failed by a narrow margin. We have to come back to it on Sunday. Now… I don’t see the club losing points, but it’s not over yet “until the fat lady sings.”

Anthony Morris: “We are very disappointed. If you look at the whole match, we deserve better. However, in football it is all about numbers. The club takes 10 out of 12 against us, and we don’t score…even if we’re often better, it doesn’t matter. There can only be one hero, and that seems to be against us. The club knows what it means to be champions, they choose their moments to score. This is football, isn’t it? It comes down to what you produce in the rectangle, you have to be efficient in attack and defense. “

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“That draw isn’t allowed? Someone was offside, but that’s the game. We have to stick to the rules. It’s in the small business. Take that goal now. The ball veers a little bit, so I can’t handle it well and it comes through a teammate. No.” I think that’s a mistake. It’s just unlucky.”

“Can we still recharge for second place? You should be fine. We are still talking about direct qualification for the Europa League and a chance in the Champions League. We have to take all the stops, that should be the motivation on Sunday. Then we will give everything.” one more time “.