June 10, 2023

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The construction crane came on or near the track very quickly

The railway crane involved in the accident involving two trains at Dutch station Voorschoten had moved too early or too close to the track. As a result, the crane collided with a freight train.

The cause of the accident last Tuesday in Voorschoten, Netherlands, near The Hague, was a railway crane that arrived early or near the track where train traffic was still running. This was stated in the preliminary investigation of the Dutch network rail operator ProRail.

A passenger train and a freight train were involved in the accident. Two of the four tracks on the road were out of action on Tuesday. The investigation indicates that at 3:23 a.m. the contractor asked ProRail’s train traffic controller to stop train traffic for a short period of time so that the crane could cross. The train traffic controller would have replied that it was possible within 10 minutes.

According to ProRail, the crane, for reasons that remain unclear, ended up near or on the track of the freight train before the permitted time. After hitting the freight train, the crane entered the track where the passenger train was traveling in the direction of The Hague. This train also hit the crane, causing the train to derail.

The crane driver, an employee of the construction company Bam, was killed in the accident. About thirty passengers were injured and 19 people had to be taken to hospital.

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