July 24, 2024

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The coronation of King Charles will be ‘cheaper’ but it will be a spectacle |  Property

The coronation of King Charles will be ‘cheaper’ but it will be a spectacle | Property

PropertyIt is said that King Charles III (73) is very sensitive to the current crisis unfolding at the moment – among other things – in the United Kingdom. That’s why previous reports suggested Charles’ coronation would be “smaller and simpler” than his mother’s three-hour-long splendor in 1953. But now several sources have confirmed to the Daily Mail that Charles’ coronation will never be weaned.

“Operation Golden Orb”, as the preparations for Charles’ coronation are called, would be the first step toward the “slimming monarchy” that Charles envisioned. For example, the guest list for the party will be shortened from 8,000 to 2,000, and discussions have been held about a more flexible dress code. Whereas, Charles’ peers may be permitted to wear lounge suits in place of ceremonial robes. Old and time-consuming rituals (including offering gold bars to the king) will be abolished to save time.

The fact that Charles wants a quieter coronation is that the new king is well aware of the financial struggles the British are currently going through. For example, a royal source told the Mirror that the state of the British economy plays a major role for Charles. It is also believed that the King will attempt to celebrate the UK’s diversity by inviting members of different faiths to join the congregation. Unlike the Queen’s funeral – which was a tribute to her as a person – Charles’ coronation is a tribute to the institution of the monarchy and not to Charles as a person.

So, while the traditional aspects of the celebration are expected to remain unchanged (such as the king’s anointing and swearing in), the event will also be representative of the monarchy in the modern world: a simplified, limited version of what we’ve known hitherto under Queen Elizabeth II. But with some elements of royal splendor, which will still make the coronation a spectacle. What is not certain yet is the date of the event. Although it has already been confirmed that it will not be June 3. However, this was not an inconsequential date, since almost seventy years ago his mother was crowned in 1953 (June 2).

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