April 1, 2023

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The 'cure' on the canvas teaches us: Most people can use a good therapist

The ‘cure’ on the canvas teaches us: Most people can use a good therapist

No, it’s as cool as the HBO fantasy series in treatment Must Processing It may not be. But that doesn’t change the fact that Season 2 of this Human Concern series about healers and their clients has also been used more than credibly. The fact that production house Panenka has developed a form of reality TV that puts integrity and vulnerability above voyeuristic voyeurism, also deserves a big compliment.

Almost three years after the first season, it takes a while to get used to during the conversations you can only see healers. For obvious privacy reasons, clients are kept out of sight of unmanned cameras and their text was recorded again by the actors. This results in therapists taking unusually long periods, including their somewhat crazy facial expressions, for nothing. Fortunately, their clients’ stories are captivating enough to survive without physical appearance.

The most memorable thing about the first episode is undoubtedly the interaction between psychologist Roland Senevi and his client Naima. It’s, of course, a montage, but Sinafe remarkably quickly hits on her alcohol problem, even though she initially said she’s not an alcoholic. It gets even more annoying when he then honestly indicates that he’s sensitive to alcohol himself, but this helps him cut through the nonsense quickly. The fact that he makes firm agreements with Naima, but at the same time gives her moderate and constructive instructions, ensures that you immediately wish everyone who is experiencing something a good healer.

I found the statement somewhat less compelling that the exhausted middle-aged couple who came to see psychologist Willie Cole after eight sessions could actually conclude therapy with relief. If he works with them, that’s fine, of course. I myself would run screaming if my treatment suggested from a purely behavioral approach that I just needed to grab the partner I’m away from again. The fact that a lot of people have to search and bite until they find the therapist that works for them, is a fact Processing As far as I’m concerned it’s still missing.

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Anyway, that probably detracts a lot from the basic message of the program. Because it is quite obvious that this series was created out of the conviction that the remedy is not only natural, but also very beneficial for the majority of people. And no, you don’t need to have had a difficult childhood or serious problems for this. The fact that BVs such as Sven Mary, Kevin Janssens or Dina Tersago also attest to their experience with a therapist during this season only reinforces this insight.

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