February 9, 2023

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The curtain falls on the movie "Phantom of the Opera" after 35 years

The curtain falls on the movie “Phantom of the Opera” after 35 years

In February, the giant chandelier will hit the podium for the last time with great noise. Then the curtain fell on The Phantom of the Opera, the longest running show on Broadway. It has been performed no less than 14,000 times in New York.

The famous musical by Cameron McIntosh and Andrew Lloyd Webber premiered on Broadway on January 26, 1988. After the Corona pandemic, audiences reluctantly found their way back to the show, while the high costs of this mass production continued.

Actors, musicians and staff were notified Friday that they could shine again in January, when the show celebrates its 35th anniversary on Broadway. On February 18, the member will release the threatening strings one last time.

A Broadway show doesn’t last forever. However, the stop comes unexpectedly for fans of this stylized melodrama. The story revolves around an opera lover whose face is distorted. Masked, he haunts the Paris Opera and falls obsessively in love with a young soprano singer.

Unparalleled entertainment

In one of the many scenes that appeal to the imagination, giant candelabra collides on stage. At the premiere of the performance in 1986, critic Frank Rich New York times It’s reserved for all kinds of parts of the show, but he also had to realize that it was a great piece of entertainment. “It is possible to get bored during the performance, but you have to work hard for it,” he wrote.

In 2018, the show’s 30th anniversary on Broadway, scenes from the performance were shown on the Empire State Building, meticulously synchronized to the opera’s music.

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Also in Chinese

The Broadway show was attended by nearly 20 million people, many of them tourists. Tickets have sold for $1.3 billion since 1986. In the week of September 11, the show made just under $1 million, but that’s not enough to cover all production costs.

The Phantom is still running in other locations, including London. The show ran there longer than in New York, but the epidemic was interrupted by the epidemic. New production started in Australia last month and will take over in China next year. Antonio Banderas is working on a production in Spanish.

Since 1986, it has been watched by an estimated 145 million people in 17 languages. With performances in Mandarin from next year, that will be 18 languages.