December 5, 2023

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The detachable drive of the PS5 Slim is easy to change

The detachable drive of the PS5 Slim is easy to change

Last month, there was concern when it emerged that you could get an optional disk reader with the new Reader PlayStation 5 Cannot be installed without an internet connection. However, new videos that have surfaced show that you can use the disc reader on another PS5 Slim console without any issues.

Several users on YouTube have posted videos of themselves installing an already installed drive on another PlayStation 5. The new PS5 console will only ask you to re-register the disc reader. Once the short online registration is completed, it works without any issues, even while playing offline.

The fact that disk readers can simply be replaced alleviates the worry. For example, it was originally thought that the detachable drives would no longer work with other consoles after they were connected to the PlayStation 5. However, the console appears to treat the drives like a controller: once they are connected to the console, they work without any problems.

It seems that the online security check mainly checks whether the Blu-ray player clicked is official or not. Instead of checking if the disc reader has already been used on other PS5 consoles. In other words, you can easily take the disc reader to a friend’s house and use it on your new PS5 Slim.

Note that the drive will refuse to read Blu-ray discs if you connect the device without an Internet connection. Since recording cannot be done online, the PlayStation 5 will not recognize the disc reader.

The question is whether the process will continue to work if Sony’s servers go offline. However, by then, the publisher will likely have released a patch that makes the initial security check unnecessary.

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