When developing a website, you can choose from different Content Management Systems (CMS).

Think of a custom system, a CMS like WordPress or Joomla for example, etc. To get started with such a CMS, you need a hosting package. Just like these systems for your website development, hosting Offered in various forms. What is the difference between a regular hosting package and WordPress Hosting? In this article we try to give you an answer to this question.

Regular hosting has different variants

There is little difference between regular hosting and WordPress hosting. After all, in both cases you are renting a piece from an external server. You can use this widget for a WordPress site, but also for a custom website. Regular hosting is often an umbrella term for the different options you have. A distinction is made here between shared web hosting and private web hosting. Reseller hosting can also be an option. You can find good reseller plans on hostadvice.

Shared and private reseller hosting

Many individuals and small businesses choose shared hosting. They want a cheap package that gives them enough space to run their website. Shared hosting means that you share space on the server with other parties. You cannot change the settings of such a server and it depends to some extent on the performance of third parties taking up space. If another website is attacked by a DDoS attack, this could have an effect on your website. WordPress hosting is often a form of shared hosting. The advantage of WordPress hosting is the fact that you can install the CMS on your hosting package with the click of a button.

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Private and distributed hosting for large parties

An alternative to shared hosting is private hosting. Below you can put a virtual private server. When renting a VPS, you have the option to completely change the server settings. You do not depend on others. VPS is interesting if, in addition to your website, you want to run applications on the server. Even if you use WordPress to develop a web store, choosing a VPS is an interesting one.

Reseller hosting means that you buy hosting in order to rent space on the server to your customers. Often you don’t manage the server yourself, but you have the option to set up and sell packages to your own taste. Consider limiting the bandwidth and storage space available for each package.

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