December 1, 2022

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The discovery of two exoplanets relatively close to Earth

The discovery of two exoplanets relatively close to Earth

subordinate researchers Notably, coming from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced Wednesday that they’ve discovered two new super-Earths. This means that the mass of the celestial bodies in question lies between the mass of the celestial bodies country And a giant planet. This discovery was revealed at a conference of the American Astronomical Society in California (USA), as shown science and the future

The main objectives of the James Webb Telescope

discoveries Astronomy scientists All of them are more interesting because they are “at a distance” of 33 light years from the blue planet. This means that they are relatively close. The exoplanets are called HD 260655 b and HD 260655 c because they orbit a. to spin star palotte” is called HD 260655.

The distance separating Earth from the two newly identified planets could allow them to be observed by the James Webb Space Telescope. Michael Kunimoto, co-author of . confirmed The study that reported the discovery

Impossible progress in life

According to the first observations, these exoplanets are 1.2-1.5 times larger in diameter than Earth with two to three times greater mass. However, we should not hope to discover a trace of life there. With its temperature fluctuating between 280 and 430 degrees Celsius and its proximity to its star, it would be impossible for life to prove that it was there. This is also the case for most other super-terrestrial planets.