March 24, 2023

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The Dutch restaurant industry is resisting...

The Dutch restaurant industry is resisting…

Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced on Friday that the Netherlands will go into a small and light lockdown for at least three weeks. This means, among other things, that the Dutch are only allowed to take four people into the house per day, that non-essential shops must close at 6 pm and the catering industry must close at 8 pm.

The latter is subject to a lot of criticism. In many cities, restaurant entrepreneurs aren’t willing to close at 8 p.m.

in a Alkmaar A group of catering entrepreneurs plans to oppose the new measures. They mutually agreed that they would continue on Saturday evening until eight o’clock in the evening. According to a spokesperson for one of the catering entrepreneurs, they no longer allow new people into their business after 8pm, but guests inside at that time are still served.

Around 9pm, the cafe owners were told that they had to close at the mayor’s request. “I just take the call,” says one entrepreneur. I don’t want to lose my permit. We’ve made our point.” Most of the bar owners seem to have followed suit around 9:30pm.

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On Rembrandtplein and Thorbeckeplein in Amsterdam Saturday evening, just after closing time, it was still full of people. But by 8:30 pm, the area was already empty. The first evening of “moderate lockdown” appears to have gone smoothly in the center of the capital.

in a Leeuwarden employment Eindhoven There was also a scheme to protest, but in the meantime the catering entrepreneurs decided not to. In Eindhoven they decided to wait and see what the situation in Breda entailed.

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In Leeuwarden they decided to close the doors in time after consulting with the mayor. But hundreds of people gathered at Wilhelminaplein after closing time to continue their concerts. The stairs of the Palace of Justice were also filled. People are singing and setting off fireworks. There are many officers with a baton.

in a Breda There was also a lot of activity indoors and outdoors after 8pm. The mayor says he’ll hold off on Saturday until the restaurant industry makes a statement. Executors have been sent, but they will only monitor.

The main entertainment areas in din ding Quiet just after 8 pm. as well as in MaastrichtAnd RotterdamAnd Utrecht employment Groningen Most catering entrepreneurs have also adhered to the temporary rules under the mild lockdown. The same was true Roermond. The city center and suburbs seemed deserted on Saturday evening.

urgent meeting

On Saturday, Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) argued in an emergency meeting with outgoing Justice and Security Minister Ferd Grapperhaus to allow guests to stay longer in catering establishments, provided they arrive before 8pm. The interested organization said in a statement on the KHN website that it wants to discuss this ‘entry form until 8pm’ with Grapperhaus and Minister of Economic Affairs Stef Blok at a new emergency meeting next week.

“Guests who are inside can stay as long as the original closing time,” KHN wants to bring up in the conversation. “This method involves no more hauling and prevents the so-called pub hops that OMT is afraid of.”

Moreover, this would prevent crowding in public places around 8 p.m. and reduce the chances of partying at home as well as illegal parties, according to KHN.

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About two hundred activists had already gathered at the Ministry of Justice and Security building on Friday evening. They wanted to disrupt Ruth’s press conference by making noise. The situation got out of hand and the demonstrators started throwing heavy fireworks and stones. The police had to use water cannons.