March 29, 2023

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The electricity grid in two Dutch regions is full: what are the consequences?  Is it also possible in Belgium?  † money

The electricity grid in two Dutch regions is full: what are the consequences? Is it also possible in Belgium? † money

mining energyDutch transmission system operator TenneT – the equivalent of Elia in Belgium – said a few days ago that it would stop connecting new customers in two areas to buy and supply electricity. Is power outage also possible in our country? Find out.

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mining energy

Dirk van Hertem, Senior Lecturer at KU Leuven and lead of electrical grid research at EnergyVille, attributes congestion in the power grid in Limburg and Dutch Brabant in part to a strong increase in solar collectors, electrification of industry and growth technologies such as heat pumps and electric cars. In order to ensure that the electricity grid remains reliable, local networks must be strengthened. Compare it to the road network with a growing need for additional capacity on national roads, especially on and off ramps.”

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What are the consequences?

Although the Dutch media use the word “power off”, in reality they no longer guarantee new connections. It does not directly affect the end users nor does it lead to shutdowns or anything like that. Only users who want to buy more (and possibly create) will no longer be able to access (without permission to connect).”

Did this problem pop up all of a sudden or is it coming somewhere?

Energy Shift (Transforming the existing energy system into a greener system, ed.) It’s been happening for a while. Because of the war in Ukraine and new technical developments, things are now gaining momentum. This means that we have to develop the power grid faster.”

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Could this also happen in Belgium?

“Which can. It is not impossible that unexpectedly rapid developments will push the grid to its limits locally. Long-term permitting processes, such as the Ventilus Connection — which is the delivery of electricity from North Sea wind farms to land — also ensure that other investments are deferred.”

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How do Belgium and the Netherlands differ in terms of network structure?

Both countries are similar. The Dutch power grid is a little more concentrated. Of course, the energy transition is also in full swing in Belgium, including the electrification of the vehicle fleet and higher requirements for new homes. The Belgian industry is also taking concrete measures to reduce its environmental impact, ensuring that more electricity is used.”

Last year it rained in Flanders due to the failure of solar panel inverters…

“There are already a number of users whose solar panels sometimes break down when there is a lot of sunlight and relatively low consumption. This is because the grid is overworked and therefore also “clogged”. It is a local phenomenon that cannot be directly linked to the problems in the Netherlands. Additional network investments at street level offer a possible solution, among others.”

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