September 30, 2023

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The emotional World Cup interview you haven't seen yet: "D...

The emotional World Cup interview you haven’t seen yet: “D…

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Voss had to beat Italian Elisa Balsamo in a sprint and ended up taking the silver. There is no fourth of the rainbow shirts for the Dutch.

“From Flanders we make it difficult”, Anime Van Vleuten then said with obvious disappointment. “But I have a feeling I was the only one who did it… How could that be? I guess you should ask the others about it. I’m ashamed of my eyes on Marianne. If you look back at the sprint race…. It should be better. If That made her second, that’s a real shame. It wasn’t up to Elaine and I to do the boot. The other girls still out there can blame themselves for that.”

And who was still in the leading group in the end? Demi Fullering, who sprinted to seventh. In itself a severe punishment after brutal misfortune on the road. At first someone hit her rear wheel, then her chain took off twice, including on Moskesstraat. Also losing was 24-year-old Vuellering, who won the Liege-Bastogne-Liege this season.

Fullering (left) walked up Muskes Street the way Chris Froome.

“Yeah, really a shame,” said the Dutch after the end. “Our job was to get away anyway and I would have liked to try again at Wijnpers. But now I can’t make a difference anymore because of all the energy I wasted going back all the time. Sprint? Yes, the Italians rode hard and were strong. I tried with all the strength I had. To bring Marianne forward, but that wasn’t enough.”

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Then suddenly tears flowed down Fullering. “It’s just a shame that Marianne deserves that shirt. Too bad. Feelings always come to me so quickly, but I’m just shocked that I couldn’t help these girls today. That I did so much work? I think the girls think otherwise. They haven’t looked at me yet. The match, so I don’t think they’re very happy. Anyway, I think everyone was very disappointed after second place. I’m sure he’ll be fine.”

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“I didn’t think of myself”

On Sunday evening, Vollering posted another message on her Instagram page. “What a roller coaster of feelings yesterday,” said the Dutchman. “From Anna van der Bregenn who drove the last race of her career, Chantal van den Broek-Black who drove her last race for the Orange team, as well as Julian Dehauer who drove the last race of her career.”

“When I got back on the set after my many problems with the bike, I was determined to do my best for the team, which was far from easy and really a pain after my long efforts. But one of the prevailing feelings now is my failure to put Marianne in a perfect sprint position. Being able to bring Marianne back to the Italian girls. I’m sorry about that now. I think if I stopped pushing there it wouldn’t look like I was driving a good result myself. It hurts to hear people see it that way. I never thought of that.”