December 3, 2023

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The end is in sight: The last performances of 'Samson & Gert Farewell Show' will start again in March |  showbiz

The end is in sight: The last performances of ‘Samson & Gert Farewell Show’ will start again in March | showbiz

showbizGert Verholst, 54, will soon be able to say goodbye to his loyal friend Samson. After a hiatus of nearly two years, she will soon begin her last “Samson & Gert Farewell Show” series.

Shows stopped in February 2020 due to the Corona crisis, but in the meantime the end is finally near. Next month, on March 18, Gert Verholst will begin his final performances. After that, the curtain finally fell on “Samson & Gert”. “After a forced hiatus of two years, I am very happy that we can finally resume the performances of this beautiful farewell show. Anyway, I am very excited to give everything for one last time,” Gert Verhulst said.

90 Farewell Offers

The head of Studio 100 previously indicated that it was time to say goodbye. “People think I don’t want to stop having this dog, but that’s definitely not the case. Meanwhile, my daughter has taken charge, and she wants me to disappear,” Geert said on Dutch TV show WNL op Zondag. Gert has performed 90 goodbye shows after the last series.Good for over 140,000 visitors.In total, the popular duo has played nearly 10,000 shows over 32 years and over 44 different shows.

As early as April 2019, Verhulst announced that he would be quitting with Samson & Gert after 30 years. During the premiere of the Farewell Show, it was announced that his daughter Marie would be taking over the TV shows and series about Samson. She is also looking forward to the continuation of the concert series. “It is very unfortunate that the performance has not been possible for so long. Also for the audience. I am very much looking forward to being on the podium again,” he said at the ANP last summer.

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