February 1, 2023

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The endless search begins and ends with a camera roll

What about the former Golden Boot who is now, many years later, making his way across District Two? With each head, some gray hairs fly away in the wind, with each drip, some cartilage is lodged somewhere in that old body. He still wants – what else will he do with his time?

Luk Alloo once caused something to happen in Flemish living rooms. to stars and comets For example, or Hello secret. There are no top programs, but at least something happened. For the past twenty years, after the press kit was sent, only the church bell in the distance broke the silence.

He’s not sitting still, definitely not, and whatever he does, even if he’s removing gravel, he’s going to sell it to VTM. Hello is in jailAnd the Hello from prisonAnd the Hello in the women’s prisonAnd the Alo is in a foreign prisonAnd the Hello in the police courtAnd the Allo in PsychiatryAnd the Hello at nightAnd the Hello and goodbyeAnd the God and loveAnd the Hello in the highway policeAnd the Hello to the local policeAnd the Hello in the traffic policeAnd the Hello in JambersAnd the Allo in…And the HelloAnd the Allow TalkAnd the Welcome!And the AllooLiveAnd the Hello LiveAnd the Alo, Chris and co… Tiny does not imitate him. If it were as good as small size.

You’d think it was a joke, that this working group was made up for a half-interested article in the paper, but it’s not. Then I had Hello and Picaros Smuggling that list for a while, or Allow and Cargo Bike cinemaOr of course ‘Alloo’ Hello! Although I can’t rule out that these beer cards have also been on Davy Parmentier’s desk for a long time.

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Not that I have anything against Lock Alo, it just seems like he’s throwing his dick at him. Again, with last 100 hours On Pickx+, whatever the latter is. I’m a fan Slow TV, and I suspect that’s also what Alloo is trying to do when talking to his BV for an hour. But on each of his interview shows, the guests are made up of people he knows, at a minimum — read: none — preparation is enough. With the rest, he runs after the hero and asks what comes to mind. The endless search begins and ends with a camera roll.

And when he next interviewed Goedele Liekens, who was still involved in the rig in the late 1990s, he interrupted. Slow TV Occasionally for some quick questions, recycled from Vitaya Throw Hello, and a flashlight glared at Likens’ face. If you still have something like Maurice de Wilde did, for that questioning atmosphere, for some cold sweat on Pickx+, but no, it stays with a poor narrative about a gymnastics teacher. Rotate the cast integrally on the screen, Alloo says, and send the remaining 30 seconds on the assembly floor to VTM.

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