September 30, 2022

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The Ens Blau theater receives additional funds from Leiden City Council

The Ens Blau theater receives additional funds from Leiden City Council

Inns Blue Theatre. (Photo: Key City).

The municipality of Leiden provides additional funds for Theater Ins Blau. The theater fears that without having to close that money, because the employees’ salaries are so low that they will look for another job without an increase in salary. The financial support for Theater Ins Blau comes from the Corona support funds from the government and is temporary. A structural solution must be found within a year.

Leiden City Council adopted a proposal Thursday night to provide “additional financial support soon and temporarily” to Theater Ins Blau. However, the closure imminent can be avoided. In the end, the organization 5.2 feet must restore some perspective in order to find a structural solution with the municipality. According to the council, theater is important to support because of its adventurous programming, exclusivity, and importance to theater makers.

Alderman Yvonne van Delft (GroenLinks) reports that €400,000 is still available in the jar of corona support funds from the central government. The theater asks for 200 thousand euros. Van Delft wants to save less money, because it doesn’t think the full amount is reasonable. You don’t see any scope for getting money from other means and also think it’s an accidental solution to a structural problem. The local council member also fears that other institutions now also want money from the Corona support funds.

Her own party GroenLinks voted in favor of the proposal, but she doesn’t want her House member to give the full amount requested by Theater Ins Blau without further ado. With the proposal, the municipal council appears to be giving room for a council member to negotiate with the theater. For example, one of the movement’s authors, Mark Newsom (PvdA), expects the theater to be satisfied with the board’s support and that negotiations between the board member and the theater will be constructive. The council wants to find structural solutions within a year. VVD only voted against the motion.


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