February 5, 2023

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The European Parliament elects a new president |  abroad

The European Parliament elects a new president | abroad

after a week David Sassoli dies (65) The European Parliament will elect a new president in Strasbourg on Tuesday. It is almost certain that on her 43rd birthday, the conservative Maltese Roberta Metsula will become the third woman in history to lead the European hemisphere.

The 65-year-old Sassoli died last week in a hospital in Rome after chronic health problems, but even without the death of the Italian Social Democrat, more than 700 vice presidents will have to choose a new president on Tuesday. For example, after 2.5 years – halfway through the legislature – Sassoli’s mandate expired.

In addition, a tribute was paid to Sassoli in the Italian Parliament on Monday evening. “Europe has lost a leader, democracy has lost a hero and we have all lost a friend,” said Mitsola. Sassoli’s wife and children were present in Strasbourg. European Council President Charles Michel, French President Emmanuel Macron, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and government leaders from countries such as Greece, Croatia and Luxembourg also traveled to Strasbourg.

Ceremony commemorating the late President of the European Parliament David Sassoli in Strasbourg. © Environmental Protection Agency

French President Emmanuel Macron greets Alessandra Vittorini, the widow of Sassoli.

French President Emmanuel Macron greets Alessandra Vittorini, the widow of Sassoli. © Environmental Protection Agency

four candidates

Four MEPs are now vying for the presidency: as well as Roberta Metsula of the European People’s Party (EPP), Sweden’s Alice Bah Konke of the green group, Paul Kusma Zlotowski of the conservative ECR group, and Spain’s Serra Rego of the far left. The group submitted its candidacy before 5 p.m. on Monday.

The first round of voting will begin around 9:30 AM. To be elected, a candidate must receive an absolute majority of votes. If this is not possible in the first round, then a second and possibly a third round will follow. If the white smoke continues, the two candidates who received the most votes in the third round will compete against each other in a final fourth round.

traditional chord

It probably wouldn’t be nail biting. In line with tradition, the European People’s Party, the Social Democrats, the Social Democrats and the neo-liberals reached an agreement after the 2019 elections on the division of top posts. Sassoli was allowed to take the lead on behalf of the S&D, for the second leg of the legislature, it was the turn of the EPP. The fact that S&D and Renew did not nominate their nominee seems to confirm that the 2019 agreement has remained the same.

However, the vote was preceded by some kind of tug-of-war. Both S&D and Renew grumbled about Mitsula’s opposition to abortion. Hearings took place, where she promised the Maltese Governor that as President she would live up to the duties of her office and thus always represent the position of the hemisphere.

Halfway through the legislature, all top offices in the hemisphere will be redistributed. Following the election of the President, 14 new Vice-Presidents and five new members were also elected. And they sit together in the Diwan, the body that makes organizational, administrative, and financial decisions.

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