March 22, 2023

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The Fall Vaccination Campaign Begins: Why Isn't Everyone Eligible and Does Additional Boost Still Make sense?  |  interior

The Fall Vaccination Campaign Begins: Why Isn’t Everyone Eligible and Does Additional Boost Still Make sense? | interior

Today, the vaccination campaign against Corona begins in the fall across the country. Thousands of shots will be taken in the coming weeks to boost protection against the virus. The first calls for an additional vaccine were sent out a few weeks ago. But why do not all Flemish receive a letter? And does the extra shot still make sense if I’ve already had three vaccinations and an infection? Answer the most important questions about Autumn Booster.

When do you expect the invitation exactly?

Lianne Thewelen from the Health and Welfare Agency: The first messages have already been sent in the week of August 22nd. The goal is to give all Flemish people over the age of 18 the chance to be vaccinated before 1 November. It is estimated that 1.8 million vaccinations were made in September and 2.7 million in October.”

People who work in the field of care, people with weakened immunity and people over 65 years of age are in the first place. After that, the age group from 50 to 64 years is actively invited, in decreasing age.


Vaccine manufacturers Moderna and Pfizer have developed modified vaccines that also target the Omikron BA1 variant.

Professor Pierre Van Damme, University of Antwerp

How will you be invited?

Thewlen: “This is done in the same way as during previous vaccination campaigns. When it is your turn for the free shot, you will receive a personal invitation about two weeks in advance. We will mail the letter to your official home address. If the government knows your email address, you will also receive a digital copy of the invitation “.

What vaccine will you get?

Thewlin: “Pfizer and Moderna vaccines can be given as a booster. The type of vaccine you will receive depends on availability. We are still waiting for delivery confirmation.”

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When will the first shots of this fall campaign be released?

Vaccine scientist Pierre Van Damme (University of Antwerp): Vaccine manufacturers Moderna and Pfizer have developed modified vaccines that also target the Omikron BA1 variant. These were approved at the end of August by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). So everyone who goes for a booster dose will be vaccinated with this new modified vaccine.

Where will you be vaccinated?

Thewlin: “Most immunizations will be done at immunization centers. Those who cannot get there – for health reasons, for example – can also receive the vaccine at home. You should discuss this with your doctor. Residents and staff of facilities such as hospitals, residential care centers, and prisons will be able to get a snapshot of their facilities.”

Why don’t all Flemish adults receive an invitation?

There must be at least three months between the two coronavirus vaccinations. Thus, people who got a booster dose in May or June will be eligible to get a vaccine again. But anyone vaccinated after August 1 will not receive an invitation because the time between the two vaccinations is very short. For them, a period of three months must also be respected, in order to have a suitable reinforcer.


Only young people who belong to at-risk groups and who undertake training in the healthcare sector will receive an invitation for an additional shot.

Lien Thoelen, Agency for Health and Welfare

Why doesn’t anyone under the age of eighteen receive an invitation?

Still waiting for additional scientific data for children and young adults. “The autumn booster dose is only provided to those young people who belong to the high-risk groups and are therefore at higher risk of contracting a severe form of Covid-19. Young people who are training in the healthcare sector also receive an invitation.”

No one else under the age of 18 can get Fall Booster at this time.

Why get a second booster if you’ve already had three vaccinations and had one, too?

Thewlin: “After a few weeks and certainly months, the effectiveness of the vaccines begins to gradually decline. Vaccination in the beginning of the fall ensures that the protection offered by the vaccinations is strengthened again.”

Van Damme: “A fall booster will have a temporary effect on a mild infection with coronavirus. But the extra shot will basically protect you from complications: serious illness, hospitalization and death. In the meantime, we’ve learned that Covid-19 is not at all a harmless disease. Let’s think.” , among others, in all the Flemish people who are fighting against a long-standing Covid.”

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