December 7, 2023

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The Federal Prosecutor's Office requests a one-day postponement of the play of Abdullah Seck (Antwerp) |  Jupiler Pro League

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office requests a one-day postponement of the play of Abdullah Seck (Antwerp) | Jupiler Pro League

Abdullah Seik was boiling angrily at the glamorous owl after a quarrel with Standard’s Saleem Amelullah.

Seck reacted as if he had been stung by a wasp, but refused to repeat what had been summoned from the other camp.

Also during the hearing before the federal prosecutor, Seck was not accidental. He said there was “no racism,” but that he was “personally affected.”

By repeating the message, Seck didn’t want to do that. “But me, my family and all those close to my heart have been hurt so badly. I’m not a violent person at all. What happened was not allowed.”

His attorney, Jonathan Hempey, further clarified that the incident had already been closed to Seck. “It is not his intention to file lawsuits against Mr. Mother of God. Moreover, according to my client, not everything should belong to the public domain. For him, this belongs to the private domain.”

Salim Umm Allah was called as a witness. According to his statements, he only yelled “Verm ta bush (shut up)” after the discussion with the line official and there was no racism.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office regrets that the testimonies were unable to clarify the matter.

“One of the players reacted harshly, emotionally and aggressively to an accident,” the prosecutor said. “Unfortunately we still don’t know exactly what happened there.”

“He overreacted, but he did not attack anyone verbally or physically. However, such a reaction is not possible. A football player must be able to control himself.”

The federal prosecutor proposed punishing Seck with a one-day suspension. It sounded “with or without delay”.

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There is also a conditional comment hanging behind his name. The Disciplinary Committee will decide on the matter on Tuesday evening.