March 29, 2023

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The fight for handsome cowboy William creates drama in "Farmer Looking for a Wife": "Does he have dirt in his eyes?"

The fight for handsome cowboy William creates drama in “Farmer Looking for a Wife”: “Does he have dirt in his eyes?”

Valerie and Papke. © VTM

Farmers chose Gary, Kim and William A farmer is looking for a woman The two women who continue their search for love with them. Cowboys choice William is nothing but a good thing. Valery and Babke can’t stand the fact that he chose Titiana and they show it clearly.

He picked William Amber (22) and Titjana (27) and sent Valerie (28) and Babke (24) home. In the presence of William, Dina and the other girls, the bound ladies still act, but as soon as they are alone, they are made to be heard.

“I can already delete one of the remaining two,” Valerie tells the camera afterwards. “Because I have a feeling: This boy has dirt in his eyes.” Valery talks about Titiana, who according to her “not for the right reason” takes part in the program.

William with Tigana (left) and Amber.

William with Tigana (left) and Amber. © VTM

Bapke shares this view. “He has to choose what feels good, but I hope he doesn’t regret it afterwards. It does more for me than I expected.” She says Babki does not understand his choice.

When the two ladies say goodbye and walk away from William and the rest, the feelings are completely liberated. “I hope Tijana is being honest,” Valerie says. “Really and truly. Shit boy, does he have shit in his eyes now? I heard her name, and I thought I really turned red. No, I wasn’t really expecting that.” Babkee seems angry, too. She swears “Damn it, man!” “Now I feel bad because it is her. You cannot live and live here without doing something.”

On Sunday’s episode, Gary, Kim, and William go on singles dates with their chosen ones and it’s Ellen and Cyril’s turn to make their decision.

A farmer looking for a woman, Sunday 7:55 p.m. at VTM.

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