March 28, 2023

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The first "care chickens" on the shelves of various supermarket chains |  Instagram HLN

The first “care chickens” on the shelves of various supermarket chains | Instagram HLN

Today, the first products of the so-called “luxury chicken” are on the shelves of four supermarket chains. This pertains to chickens that meet the various Animal Welfare Standards for Best Chicken Compliance (BCC). Products with the “Beter Belgian Life” label will be distributed in Aldi, Colruyt, Okay, Delhaize and Lidl. These supermarket groups already announced in 2021 that they wanted to ban broiler chickens by 2026, and they are now taking a first step in that direction.

BCC stands for Stricter Standards for Animal Welfare and has been launched by several NGOs committed to improving animal welfare in Europe. The chickens that have been available since Thursday come from a slower growing breed. They live longer, from 42 to 50 days, and have 40 percent more space. They are also given perches and mortise stilts, which encourage natural behaviour. In addition, the use of antibiotics is limited to what is absolutely necessary.

The chicken, as the label name says, is also 100 percent Belgian. Poultry farmers are oriented in this sustainability process.

Offer per store

Aldi has already offered broiler chickens raised to luxury standards and now sells six additional products. The top 65 Aldi companies are for chicken wings, chicken fillets, chicken legs, chicken nuggets, chicken cubes, chicken thighs, while the rest is limited to chicken cubes, chicken wings and chicken thighs for now. Chicken with this label is also available in Lidl stores today. Company spokeswoman Isabel Colbrandt said they will also start there with freshly shredded chicken: breast, thighs and wings.

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Starting tomorrow/Friday, Delhaize will be limited to one product: Double Chicken Fillets. “We basically see it as a test and want to see how the customer reacts to it,” Roel Dekelver spokesperson explains. “The cost price of this luxury chicken is about 4 euros higher per kilo, and we already offer a wide selection.”

At Colruyt it comes to three products: chicken fillet, chicken tenderloin and lower leg. “We make it easy for our customers to make a sustainable choice in animal care,” says Colruyt Marketing Director Guy Elewaut. The Colruyt Group says animal welfare is high on its agenda and one of the pillars of its sustainability policy.

In the Netherlands, all major supermarket chains have now agreed not to sell fresh broiler chicken by the end of 2023.