May 21, 2022

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The first nomination was fatal: Tobias had to leave 'Big Brother' before the final

The first nomination was fatal: Tobias had to leave ‘Big Brother’ before the final

Grace or Tobias? Leave that choice to the viewer on Saturday evening. Because only one of them was allowed to go into the last week. Very painful, because the two – who had a romantic dinner last week from Big brother – It has grown strongly in recent weeks. It ended up being Tobias.

Presenter Geraldine Kemper met him, after the last hugs were handed over. “I feel very strange, it is incomprehensible,” he said in his first reaction. “I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone again, but at the same time it’s also weird to leave them here.” More clear in the studio. To Grace I said: I hope you win† Because it fits her, she’s meant to be there. You will make this dream come true. She will win,” he seemed convinced.

What about in between, the presenters wanted to know. “We are very good friends,” said Tobias. “Yes, we find each other attractive, but we will see. She also has something to solve in the outside world.” That is why there was no kissing when parting. We made it clear right away so it doesn’t take a life of its own. She also said from the start that she had someone in the outside world. I don’t want to interfere in that.”

Tobias actually had to leave the house once to visit the hospital due to his ankle injury. © Play4

Even before the results came in, Tobias had already given his first reaction from the living room. “It wasn’t good to be nominated. It’s also the first time… It’s not good to be against Grace, but if I have to lose, it’s better against her. We’ve had fun these past few days and taken the time to say goodbye.”

Tobias had to leave the house once before, when he cut himself while playing sports. He ruptured his ankle bone.

The past week has been difficult for the participants. They were slowly brought back to reality. In December, Corona was still fully present, but now it appears that the measures have been completely abandoned. Meanwhile, they are aware of the ongoing war in Ukraine against the Russians. That was also a shock at home.

Next week’s finals

During the live show, residents were not yet aware that next week would lead to the final. What they also don’t know yet is that someone else is sure to drop out before Saturday. Because the final is played by three people. If you look at the calendar, you’ll see Peter van de Veer’s Sportpaleis show on April 2 and 3, his big farewell party from MNM radio. But according to SBS, it has nothing to do with that. The decision was made to finish earlier than the usual 100 days already before the start Big brother taken. It was also not previously announced that the game would last 100 days.

Kristoff won a key that pushed him straight to the final. The older brother came up with an added surprise: Two Belgians and two Dutchmen have gone in recent weeks. So Christoph and Noschen had to decide which of the three remaining Dutchmen was saved from the nomination. That became salar. Grace became the fourth finalist. Or the candidate who can go into the final week.

The lines opened again after the show: the viewer decides who goes to the final with Kristoff. The resident with the fewest votes will move out of the house on Wednesday.

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