July 24, 2024

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The first photos are “here” with the perfect Tom Hanks and Robin Wright

The first photos are “here” with the perfect Tom Hanks and Robin Wright

Thirty years after they starred in the tragic love story between Forrest and Jenny forrest gumpstill Robert Zemeckis’ best film, sees the duo of Tom Hanks and Robin Wright reunite.

The award-winning director’s latest project is titled Here and will be released by Sony Pictures in November. The first impressive images have now found their way online.

View the result below
We previously heard that Hank and Wright will be rejuvenated using well-known artificial intelligence technology, and whether this was successful can be judged by the photos published by “Vanity Fair”.

The events of the film here take place over a century in one place, a house inhabited by different people over time. As the story progresses, we will see Hanks’ character develop from a teenager to a senior citizen.

Show duration: 104 minutes
Zemeckis unveiled a previously unused technique, where the camera never moves from a fixed position in the house at all times. The single perspective never changes, but everything around it changes.

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