May 27, 2022

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The Flemish government is considering a commitment to have an all-electric heat pump in new buildings: what's the difference with a hybrid system?  † MyGuide . Guide

The Flemish government is considering a commitment to have an all-electric heat pump in new buildings: what’s the difference with a hybrid system? † MyGuide . Guide

liviusEnergy Minister Saturn Demir (N-VA) is studying the possibility of making an all-electric heat pump mandatory for new buildings from next year. Originally, the intention was to offer an intermediate stage that would require a hybrid heat pump. The minister now wants to reconsider this decision. But what is the difference between the two systems? Is there a difference in the price? Construction site Livios He will find out for you.

Written by Matthias Marin, in collaboration with Livius

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In the climate agreement that was invalidated at the end of last year, all parties agreed to make a hybrid heat pump mandatory in newly built homes from 2023. Such a hybrid system is a combination of a classic gas-fired condensing boiler and an air-to-water heat pump. The big advantage is that the system automatically uses the cheapest and most energy efficient source of energy based on outside air, indoor temperature and energy price. Is the heat pump not extracting enough heat from the outside air? Then it enters the gas condensing boiler. The same principle applies when gas is cheaper than electricity.

This hybrid heat pump is particularly suitable for people who want to switch to renewable energy, but their homes are not yet sufficiently insulated. If you have a gas condensing boiler, you can simply add a heat pump with a hybrid control unit. So it is a good alternative, especially for older homes or for minor renovations. On average, you pay for a hybrid heat pump between 8000 and 15,000 euros excluding VAT. The disadvantage of the system is that, despite the low consumption, you are still partially dependent on gas.

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electric heat pump

Energy Minister Saturn Demir (N-VA) is now studying the possibility of making an all-electric heat pump immediately mandatory for new homes. Hybrid heat pumps use electricity and gas, unlike all-electric heat pumps, which no longer require a gas connection. The biggest advantage of an electric heat pump is logically that you are no longer dependent on gas and price fluctuations. The system is also more environmentally friendly as it reduces carbon dioxide emissions. And certainly with solar panels you can save a lot of your energy bill.

Depending on the desired capacity and budget, you can choose an air-to-air heat pump (from €6000, excluding VAT), an air-to-water heat pump (target price €10,000, excluding VAT) or a geothermal heat pump (from €12,500, excluding value added tax). With the latter you should have enough space, because digging is required in the garden. Read more about prices for the different types of heat pumps and the premiums you can apply for here.

Adaptive heating is recommended for optimum efficiency. Heating the floor and / or walls is ideal, but it is also possible to use fan coil units or radiators at a lower temperature. In addition, good insulation is important. That is why such systems are more suitable for new construction than for old houses. For renovation projects, you have to add the costs of adaptive heating and insulation above the purchase price of the heat pump. Especially if you have to break up the floor, the cost can add up quickly.

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