June 5, 2023

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The Flemish Ports wreak havoc with PS and MR in the Defense Committee

An innocent motion for a resolution by N-VA Member of Parliament Peter Buysrogge sparked community riots in the Parliamentary Defense Committee on Wednesday morning. The fact that the North Sea ports are referred to as “Flemish” in the resolution angered the PS and MR MPs present.

On Wednesday morning, a resolution motion from N-VA MP Peter Buysrogge was discussed in the Parliamentary Defense Committee. In doing so, he calls for additional defense protection for critical underwater infrastructure and North Sea ports.

Buysrogge made his motion, without societal inclination, but PS Christophe Lacroix reacted as if he had been stung by a wasp. He called the proposal “flamboyant”, but according to Bezrog it was in no way the spirit of the decision. He replies, “He reacted loosely about it, showing a lack of objective arguments.”

In the 12-page resolution, the word “Flemish” is used exactly once, more specifically to refer to North Sea ports. This was enough for Lacroix to attack the decision.

community drum

Buysrogge advised his colleague at PS to re-read the proposal, so that further discussions could take place in a calmer manner. When asked if the terms used would be changed, Buysrogge replied that there were no elements to direct offense at.

We want to work on the core of the problem, which is the presence of Russian submarines in the North Sea. We want to ensure that our port infrastructure is secured,” he concludes. “This is the spirit of my decision, not to beat the drums of the big community.”