December 1, 2022

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The Flemish Renewable Renewal Premium is off to a strong start

The Flemish Renewable Renewal Premium is off to a strong start

© Hollandse Hoogte / Piet den Blanken

The renewed and standardized system of renewal grants in the Flemish government appears to have been successful. One day after the digital counter was opened, more than 1,800 applications were submitted. This is evidenced by the figures of Flemish Housing Minister Matthias Dependael (N-VA). The most in demand are premiums for insulating roofs, windows and doors.

mtmsource: BELGA

On Sunday, Minister Debendaele responded to criticism of VTM Nieuws that the Flemish government is not doing enough to ease the Flemish energy bill. According to the N-VA Minister, it is particularly important to “structurally reduce energy dependence” and for this reason the Flemish government has already provided €1 billion in renewal installments and loans, more specifically through Mijn VerbouwPremie and Mijn VerbouwLoan.

With my renewal loan, people with low and middle income can borrow up to 60 thousand euros on favorable terms for renewals. Applications for the renewal loan can be submitted as early as September 1st, and according to Minister Debendaele, 2,000 files have already been submitted.

The digital counter was launched on Saturday 1 October for Mijn VerbouwPremie, the premium Flemish standardized system for all energy-saving interventions and investments in quality housing. More than 1,800 files have already been submitted there in a single day.

Figures from Cabinet Diependaele show 1,873 files were filed around 2.15pm on Sunday. Broken down by category, roof insulation applications (568) are the most popular, followed by window and door applications (524) and exterior wall insulation and renovation (339).

‘obvious success’

For Flemish Energy Minister Zuhal Demir (N-VA), the numbers prove that Flemish people understand the importance of structural interventions. “We clearly see that the majority of applicants are insulating new ceilings, walls and windows. These are the places where the most heat is lost. Mijn VerbouwPremie is a clear success and proves that our single counter makes it easy for singles, families and retirees to find the support we would like to offer for them “.

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