November 27, 2022

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The Flemish wins the 'Lego Masters' final and goes home with €25,000

The Flemish wins the ‘Lego Masters’ final and goes home with €25,000

Peter Mortier (left) and Tom Wallart © VTM GO

Peter Mortier (39) from Ingooigem and Tom Wullaert (40) from Wielsbeke won the ‘Lego masters’ award. During the last game of the VTM program, they spent at least 28 hours on the Piece de resistance: A pirate ship and a sea monster made of thousands of LEGO bricks. “This was pure nostalgia for both of us.”

Recordings for the final have already been completed for three months, but Tom and Peter only appeared after they officially won on Saturday night. Then the last episode of lego pillows Broadcasting. “Finally we don’t have to lie anymore. (Laugh) “We watched the final on a big screen with friends and family,” Cousins ​​West Flemish said on Sunday morning. Other candidates also withdrew, even from the Netherlands. It was a good party.”


In the final, the remaining two candidates were unleashed, the Dutch duo and Tom and Peter. The task was clear: to blow up the jury with an impressive building. And that’s within 28 hours, with half a break to make up for some sleep. Tom and Peter chose the pirate theme, including the magnificent ship and the ferocious sea monster. “As kids we had a pirate island and a boat in Lego. So building this was pure nostalgia.”

Their work was the most convincing. “The win was unexpected for us,” Peter says. “We never thought we would be in the final. The other candidates have more experience and have also won a number of previous decades. Rather we saw ourselves as Flemish underdogs.” The fact that 100 children were allowed to vote in addition to the jury may be the deciding factor. “We built something really original and colorful with the idea that it should be fun for the kids.”

Bora Bora

In addition to the title of Lego Masters 2022, Tom and Peter also received 25,000 euros. Cousins ​​did not yet have specific plans for prize money. Tom: “I’m fully involved in the renovations, so that would be helpful.” and Peter? “No idea yet. Our wives sometimes suggested that we go to Bora Bora, to make up for the five weeks we barely spent there due to filming.” (Laugh) Anyway, a less exotic destination is planned first: the duo can visit Legoland and the Lego House in Denmark.

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