May 30, 2023

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The flu epidemic started, in part due to the launch of Corona measures

The flu epidemic started, in part due to the launch of Corona measures

Now that many of the measures have been issued, people are more connected to others and the risks of catching a respiratory infection such as the flu may also increase, say research institute Nivel and RIVM.

The number has already increased

The number of people infected with influenza has increased significantly in recent years. The influenza virus was found in more throat and nose samples last week, according to data from Nivel, the RIVM Health Institute, and Erasmus MC. The influenza virus was found in more than half of the samples last week.

“We generally talk about a flu pandemic when more than 58 out of every 100,000 people see their doctor for two consecutive weeks with flu-like symptoms and at least 10 percent of those people have the flu virus,” Neville explains.

According to the organization, it will be difficult to determine whether there will be a flu pandemic this winter, says Neville. “Flu symptoms are very similar to those of the coronavirus and many people with flu-like complaints will go to the street for a GGD test or take a self-test. As a result, fewer people with respiratory infections go to the doctor than in previous years.”

GGD samples were also examined

Since November 2021, some samples from Corona test streets have been checked by the RIVM for the presence of influenza viruses. “We are seeing an increase in the number of influenza viruses not only in general practice, but also on the streets of GGD testing,” the researchers say. Laboratories and hospitals also report an increase.

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