June 5, 2023

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The footage proves the involvement of Russian forces in the executions in Bucha

The footage proves the involvement of Russian forces in the executions in Bucha

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The New York Times has obtained videos that prove the involvement of Russian paratroopers in the executions in Botha, Ukraine. The Russians occupied the Kyiv suburb for more than a month. Hundreds of civilian bodies were found after they withdrew in April.

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One of the videos, from a security camera, shows how two paratroopers drove nine Ukrainian men across the street at full speed. The prisoners walk disgustedly, holding one hand behind their heads and the other holding their predecessor’s belt. The second video was filmed from a nearby house. Shows how men were taken to a courtyard. The video then stopped, but eyewitnesses told the newspaper’s reporters that the soldiers took the prisoners from there to the nearby Russian headquarters, where they were shot. (Read more below the video.)

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The photos are dated March 4th. The Russians had captured Bucha the day before. Images taken by a drone on March 5 show the bodies of eight men. It is located near the headquarters, and is guarded by Russian soldiers. The ninth prisoner who has New York times He was tracked down, shot to death but survived by pretending to be dead. All the victims were identified by the newspaper. They were part of a civilian militia defending Bucha.

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When the first pictures of civilians shot after the Russians withdrew from Bucha appeared, it caused panic all over the world. However, Russia denied blaming it, saying that Ukraine did everything. .’s videos New York times It now appears that the people executed in Potia before their death were in the custody of the Russian army.

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