December 1, 2023

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The former chief designer of Battlefield criticized at DICE for the poor state of Battlefield 2042

It’s no secret that Battlefield 2042 is a concern for Electronic Arts. The game came out last year, but a lot of things are not going well and updates are regularly delayed. In fact, even the first season has been delayed because the developer wants to fix existing problems first.

That in itself is a good mentality, were it not for the fact that the game should have just finished when it was released. However, this still haunts the Battlefield franchise, because we’ve seen this happen in the past. So it makes sense that there is a lot of criticism of the game and DICE’s method.

David Goldfarb was the lead designer for Battlefield 3 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which has now criticized DICE over the state of the game. He is particularly critical of the size of certain maps, as well as the quality control over the final product. like him He writes It does the following:

“I’m really trying to understand why some of these design calls are made. Why aren’t there smaller pedestrian maps? Why are 128 players counting something that doesn’t seem to have any pedestrian accommodations? Why are all maps shipped with no technical details?”

Wasn’t there someone controlling the quality there? Who thought this experience honored and pushed the BF sandbox experience forward? I am amazed that there are so many pitfalls even knowing the hurdles from above.”

Goldfarb is not alone in criticizing the state of Battlefield 2042 in which it appeared. Former DICE producer Jack Ajmal allows himself too to belong† For example, it states that weekly tasks and their duration are not considered. His comment was as follows:

I will not finish the weekly mission of 2042. First one since launch. It takes a long time to do that when I’m playing normally and with that they lost me. Imo it’s really important to design things, so it makes sense for people who don’t have a lot of time, especially when it’s tough.”

It’s not a good sign even when previous Battlefield developers are criticizing. After all, this rarely happens, but it indicates the state of the game and therefore it is not surprising that there is idleness on the servers. Time will tell if Battlefield 2042 can still be saved.

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