December 6, 2023

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The former press secretary shakes the credibility of Meghan Markle |  Property

The former press secretary shakes the credibility of Meghan Markle | Property

PropertyA statement from Meghan Markle, 40, a former British court employee, has shaken the Duchess of Sussex’s credibility over a leaked letter. She appears to have “taken a keen interest in her choice of words”.

Meghan Markle intentionally started a letter to her father Thomas with “My Father‘To melt people’s hearts if the contents are leaked to the media. So the Duchess of Sussex paid close attention to her choice of words. Her former press secretary Jason Knauf reported to the court during an appeal. This calls into question an earlier ruling on the publication of a British newspaper to write.

Markle went to court when parts of the 2018 speech were printed by The Mail on Sunday. She said the call to her father not to go to the British newspapers anymore and not to spread false information, was very personal. The court ruled in favor of Britain’s Prince Harry and ordered the Sunday newspaper to apologize on its front page. The newspaper appealed this decision.


Knauf’s statement, who sent a draft image of the handwritten letter and commented on it, jeopardizes Markle’s legal position. If he agrees to the final version, the letter may not belong to the author but to the king. Moreover, his words undermine Markle’s credibility.

The former actress had to run through the dust in court for forgetting key information. She and Harry would never have collaborated with Finding Freedom. However, Knauf’s statement included quotes from mail and app traffic that showed otherwise. Markle apologized for this in a statement, although she claimed the revelation made her case stronger.

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According to British media, Knauf has a past with Markle. He is said to have brought charges of improper conduct on her part against some employees. Markle has denied all allegations of workplace bullying. The appeal will run through Thursday. A verdict is expected the next day.

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